'Love it or List it': Fans claim they have had enough, call famed HGTV series staged and fake

'Love it or List it': Fans claim they have had enough, call famed HGTV series staged and fake

'Love it or List it' is on full swing with its new season. Two episodes in, fans claim they have had enough with the HGTV series calling it fake, staged and a forced narrative by the producers. 

The famed HGTV series has been known for its impeccable renovations and new properties for the homeowners who appear on the show. Hilary Farr a designer has to convince the homeowners that she can renovate their house into their dream home within their budget, while David Visentin tries to find them the perfect property to move into within the budget of their choice. In the end, the decision all comes down to the homeowners, whether they go with Hilary, love it and stay in their newly renovated home, or side with David, list it and move into a new property he found them. 

Though each episode has different homes and homeowners, the plot is pretty much the same. The couple hates their house, wants particular renovations to be done within a budget, at the same time they have a particular budget for a new property with requirements. Hilary promises to do the renovations within the budget but stumbles upon some issue with the budget and will have to drop out a part of the renovation the couple wanted because it doesn't fit the budget. David, on the other hand, will show them a couple of properties that don't meet their eye and right in time for the reveal of the renovated house, he would find a property perfect to their requirements. This seems pretty staged as it happens in every single episode. 




Taking to Reddit, fans share their displeasure with the series and their continuous staged episodes. Fans reveal they hate the scripted formula, calling it a rinse-lather-repeat. "I hate everything about this show. Both hosts. The homeowners. The scripted formula. The fact that the homeowners lay out a list of their demands and the budget - that’s not how it works! You give your list of priorities and THEN you get an estimate," wrote a fan. 

Adding to that another said, "It is all 100% fake. The change to the work is already well-negotiated before they ever do the on-camera sad/mad whining at Hilary and she shrugs and says 'I can only do what I can do.' The stakes on that show are all out of whack. David can never disappoint the families the way that Hillary does or deliver bad news on the same level, so of course she looks horrible. She’s the only one who’s actually facing any risk." 

"I used to be a devoted watcher of all things HGTV. It was my default channel. This show, among others, is one of the primary reasons I rarely tune in anymore. Both hosts are so incredibly unlikeable and obnoxious. Such a formulaic show (like others on HGTV). Polar opposite couple on whether they should stay or go. Yes, cue up that song; it’s irresistible. Hillary: promise all the things, oh no there is an unforeseen problem, dreams dashed, pretty outcome. David: 1st house is unacceptable in every aspect, 2nd hose is great but outside their desired neighborhood, 3rd house is perfect in every way, but way more $ than their Bridget. End: most choose the remodeled existing home. Rinse, lather, repeat," shared a fan.

"I hate that whole stupid show, especially all the over the top drama, mostly from David, going on and on talking all creepy like straight into the camera. I hated Hillary initially but I tolerate her now. I only watch it because I love looking at houses, even if it's on a TV show," wrote a fan. 

'Love it or List it' airs every Monday night only on HGTV. Check your local listings for more information.

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