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'Love Island USA’ star Liv Walker gets slammed for snapping at the ‘nicest girl’ during movie night

‘Love Island USA’ star JaNa Craig spoke between Liv's argument to diffuse the situation but it backfired her
‘Love Island USA’ star Liv Walker gets attacked for snapping at JaNa Craig (@peacock)
‘Love Island USA’ star Liv Walker gets attacked for snapping at JaNa Craig (@peacock)

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, FIJI: During movie night on 'Love Island USA' tensions escalated dramatically when Liv Walker and Kaylor tried to discuss their thoughts on Leah , causing a heated confrontation. As Liv and Kaylor's clip with Rob played, where they talked about Leah's intentions involving Andrea, emotions ran high. Leah ended up in tears after seeing Liv and Kaylor's comments.

In the midst of their spat, JaNa Craig, known for her kindness, sitting nearby, tried to intervene. She politely asked Liv not to fight with Leah. However, Liv responded angrily, snapping back at Jana, "Do you think I opened this conversation?" Liv pointed out that it was Leah who initiated the conflict and suggested Jana talk to Leah instead of intervening with her.

Liv's harsh response towards JaNa, who was simply trying to defuse the situation, sparked outrage among fans. Many criticized Liv for being unnecessarily mean to Jana, who is known for her supportive and gentle nature towards everyone in the villa. "She literally got so defensive cause she knows it looks bad on her. Like they thought the title of Btch was for Leah, it was for LIV for not being a girls girl, and throwing Leah under the bus. Watching her attack Jana for trying to reason with her is just crazy," said a user. "I don’t like the way Liv was addressing JaNa AT ALL. Who tf was she talking to?" said another.

"Liv trying to get tough with Jana is crazy you wouldn’t do that outside the villa pls," added one. "Nah I love Liv but I might have to jump her with how she was talking to JaNa bc she was actually so nice about it and talking to all of them," said another.

'Love Island USA' star Liv Walker cried after Caine Bacon flirts with Sierra Mills

Liv Walker was deeply affected on 'Love Island USA' when she witnessed Caine Bacon flirting with Sierra Mills, leading her to tears. Liv expressed shock, admitting that she hadn't realized Caine was interested in someone else besides her. Tearfully, she questioned why she always seemed to be left out when it came to relationships.

Meanwhile, Sierra Mills revealed her feelings about Caine in a private moment, confessing, "I noticed the strong eye contact between us, but I hesitated because I was focused on Miguel, which now feels like a missed opportunity."

Liv Walker breaks down amid Caine Bacon and Sierra Mills' romance (@peacock)
‘Love Island USA’ star Liv Walker breaks down amid Caine Bacon and Sierra Mills' romance (@peacock)

Liv Walker says she always supports her friends in the 'Love Island USA' villa 

In the last episode, Liv Walker was called a mean girl by fans, according to them, she just tries to act like she tried to take a stand for her friends but in reality, instigates drama. Crying, Liv shared how she always takes a stand for her friends. 

"Supporting my friends is something that I love about myself. Sometimes I do come across a little bit intense and forward," Liv shared. "I hope America doesn't think I'm a b***h because I'm not a b***h." But the islanders, especially the ladies of the villa were not hesitant in showing support to Liv. "I probably am not selfishly saying this. But I feel like half the time, like, I put someone else before myself," Liv said, this time almost in tears. 

"All the time. All the time," the ladies backed up. "You do that all the time. And if anyone in this Villa supports anyone, Liv, it's f***ing you. You saw the way we were behind you like Avengers, bitch. I'm not about to let nobody," the ladies added. "We ain't gon' let nobody talk to you badly," they said.

Liv Walker breaks down in tears after being tagged mean girl of the villa (@peacock)
'Love Island USA' star Liv Walker breaks down in tears after being tagged mean girl of the villa (@peacock)

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