'Love Island': Fans hope Carrington and Laurel will spill some Casa Amor tea about Johnny as 'revenge'

With Johnny and Cely voting Carrington and Laurel as the least compatible couple, fans are hoping to see some good drama between the couples

                            'Love Island': Fans hope Carrington and Laurel will spill some Casa Amor tea about Johnny as 'revenge'
Johnny Middlebrooks, Laurel Goldman and Carrington Rodriguez (CBS/ Love Island USA Twitter)

As the finale of 'Love Island' Season 2 is looming closer, the islanders have to make some tough decisions and they might not always end well. As the top five islander couples were enjoying their final days at the luxurious villa, hostess Arielle Vandenberg surprises them by popping up at the villa unannounced. The islanders were immediately filled with dread on seeing Arielle as her arrival always hints at elimination or recoupling.

Arielle gathers all the islanders around the firepit and tells them that one couple will be eliminated immediately, and the islanders would be deciding who that couple would be. She asks them all to vote for the least compatible couple according to them. After some discussion amongst themselves, the couples return with their decision. It came as no surprise when many OG islanders decided to vote off the newest couple, Lakeyn and Bennett, by deeming them as the least compatible. Moira Tumas and her partner Calvin Cobb, and Carrington Rodriguez-Laurel Goldman voted against them. While Lakeyn and Bennett voted for Carrington and Laurel as the least compatible. Surprisingly, even Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks picked Carrington and Laurel as the least compatible couple. Before announcing their decision, Cely declares that according to Johnny and her, she doesn't see Carrington and Laurel's relationship working outside of the villa.

This left the couples tied up for elimination, and it was left to Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew to decide which couple would be going home. They sent home Bennett and Lakeyn after voting for them. While Carrington and Laurel managed to stay safe, fans are hoping that this elimination's voting will fuel some drama between Cely-Johnny, and Laurel-Carrington. Since Johnny and Carrington have always been very close, many fans were surprised to see the vote. Carrington had witnessed all of Johnny's shenanigans at Casa Amor, but still kept quiet and didn't tell Cely anything about it. So, fans are hoping that Carrington and Laurel might finally decide to tell Cely everything about Casa Amor as their revenge for the vote.

A fan tweeted, "I hope carrington and laurel spill some casa amor tea about johnny as revenge #loveislandUSA." "Would it be petty if Carrington & Laurel started throwing shade with a spot of tea at Cely & Johnny??? I mean, they were both at Casa Amor. Johnny was supposed to be Carrington's home. What happened? #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA," wondered a fan. Another fan wrote, "When carrington and laurel tells everybody (by that i mean cely) what REALLY happened at casa amor and spill the tea #LoveIslandUSA."







Fans are also hoping for some epic showdown between the couples. A fan expressed, "Nah because if carrington and laurel stay in the villa i want carrington to fight johnny... carrington’s been such a good friend to no neck that’s so bogus to me #LoveIslandUSA." "I just know Laurel and Carrington are gonna fight Johnny and Cely. I wanna see Laurel throw hands at Cely. #LoveIslandUSA," shared a fan. "Now that Laurel and Carrington are staying I hope it’s about to be war between Johnny and Carrington for what they did. #loveislandUSA," commented a hopeful fan.







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