'Love Island' Season 4 on Peacock: Who is Zeta Morrison? British model dated 'famous person'

'Love Island' Season 4 on Peacock: Who is Zeta Morrison? British model dated 'famous person'
'Love Island' Season 4 star Zeta Morrison (Zeta Morrison/ Instagram)

After the raging success of the earlier three seasons, 'Love Island' is back with Season 4. However, the reality dating show has moved to a new home- Peacock, and won't be airing on CBS anymore. The new season promises to be steamier than previous seasons! 'Love Island' season 4 will be featuring 'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland taking on the role of the show's hostess, replacing the previous host Arielle Vandenberg, while the UK 'Love Island's narrator Iain Stirling will be taking over Matthew Hoffman's post of being the witty narrator. 

Ten hot singles will be spending their summer in a luxe California destination looking to find their 'true love' and a potential cash prize of $100,000. One of these hot singles is the gorgeous British model Zeta Morrison. Zeta is already grabbing all the attention of 'Love Island' fans thanks to her smoldering looks and her very interesting introduction. The British model revealed that she dated a "famous person" in the past, and then cryptically added, "that was great...and then it wasn't." Well, if you're curious to know more about Zeta, then keep reading.


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Who is Zeta Morrison?

Zeta is a 29-year-old babysitter/ model from Los Angeles, California. Originally hailing from Surrey, England, Zeta calls London her home. In her introduction package, Zeta revealed that she loves to write and is currently working on her autobiography. She also shared that she can speak "GA", a Ghanian dialect. She has the habit of talking aloud to herself and is very well aware of it. 

Though Zeta's daytime job may be babysitter, she's a model and an aspiring actress. This British beauty regularly posts her modeling shots and professional updates on her Instagram to her 38,600 followers. She also promotes various swimwear brands on her Instagram. She's definitely a beauty with brains considering she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in clinical child psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, according to her LinkedIn

Zeta Morrison has acted in 'Dutch' (2021), 'Crime and Justice' (2021) and 'We Follow You' (2019). She recently took to her Instagram to praise Kenya while discussing her role in 'Crime and Justice'. She wrote, "N A I R O B I 🤍 As an actor… This was an actors… D R E A M ☁️ I was given the opportunity to join the cast of “CRIME & JUSTICE” KENYA as one of the leading characters playing the role of ‘Sebu Armstrong’. My episode amongst many others on the show are based on true stories that took place in Kenya. Some stories still ongoing, including mine. This made it so real to me."

"I had no idea what to expect but I knew that traveling to another country, especially in Africa & being back on set would facilitate the elimination of what was by far the longest run of depression I’d ever dealt with in my life 🥺 This whole experience was unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined & honestly made the USA/UK seem so uncivilized in comparison. Yes, there is much poverty… and being privileged to make the money that I do in the states/UK, I will forever be grateful for. But other than that obvious fact, I feel very lied to regarding the beauty & elegance of the African countries. I constantly found myself having out of body experiences. From the KINDNESS & joy of the Kenyan people, to the food quality / food delivery, the restaurants, the weather, the turn up ⬆️ spots 😝, and security at each location ….The vibration in Kenya is UNMATCHED
To the cast & crew that became family… I will forever cherish the experiences I had with you. Everyday on set with you made me feel so A L I V E. All I can say is… THANK YOU," she concluded. 



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What is Zeta Morrison looking for in her partner?

'I've dated so many different kinds of men. I've literally dated a famous person, that was great, until it wasn't," explained Zeta in one of the 'Love Island' promotional clips. While she didn't reveal any details about the famous person she was with, she however did share that she has pursued men just based off on their personality in the past. However, the 29-year-old is looking to switch things up this time around, and has decided to pursue men she is sexually attracted to instead of personality on 'Love Island'. So, what does Zeta find attractive? While naming Idris Elba as her celebrity crush, Zeta revealed that she's looking for a partner who is dominant in the bedroom and has great abs!  

Hopefully, Zeta can find the man of his dreams on 'Love Island'.


'Love Island' Season 4 premieres on July 19, 2022, at 9/8c on Peacock. All episodes will be exclusively available to stream on Peacock, with new episodes airing from Tuesday- Sunday, and Saturdays featuring recap episodes with unaired footage.

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