'Love Island' USA: Fans urge Zeta and Courtney to couple up after their steamy kiss

'Love Island' USA: Fans urge Zeta and Courtney to couple up after their steamy kiss
'Love Island' USA stars Zeta and Courtney (Peacock)

Zeta may be happily coupled up with Timmy, while Courtney is in a healthy relationship with Bryce, but that isn't stopping 'Love Island' fans from shipping the two OG islanders with each other. Since day one, Courtney has been open up about her bisexual orientation, she also subtly kept dropping hints about her interest in her fellow islander Zeta. On the other hand, Zeta has been completely about Timmy since day one.

Courtney finally got to live out her long-standing fantasy of kissing Zeta during a game of truth and dare. Zeta was tasked with the dare of kissing her top three islanders, excluding Timmy. The British beauty stood up and walked toward Courtney and announced that she had been wanting to do this for a while and then proceeded to give a steamy kiss to Courtney. The other islanders watched in awe as the two of them continued to kiss. After their kiss, though Zeta continued her kissing spree with other islanders, 'Love Island' fans however were completely smitten by her liplock with Courtney. Many fans took to Twitter urging the two ladies to couple up, thanks to their sexual tension and chemistry.


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You can watch Courtney and Zeta's steamy kiss here:


A fan tweeted, "Can zeta and courtney couple up please… im serious. they would 100% win #loveislandusa." "Zeta and Courtney are the couple I'm trying to see if we're being honest #loveislandusa," wrote a fan. "Atp Courtney and Zeta need to couple up . I can feel the tension chile," joked a fan. "Courtney is definitely in love with Zeta, that's who she wants to couple up with #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan. 





Courtney on 'Love Island' (Peacock)
Courtney on 'Love Island' (Peacock)

Another fan shared, "Courtney loves zeta downnnn like if she don’t just snatch her from Timmy and live her best life #LoveIslandUSA." "At least if Timmy let's us down, we can root for Zeta and Courtney. Hot. #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan. "How do we get Zeta away from Timmy and into Courtney’s arms? #LoveIslandUSA," wondered a fan. "I know Zimmy is going well, but if Courtney had her way she would have recoupled with Zeta ages ago #LoveIslandUSA," observed a fan.





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