'Love Island': Carrington couples up with Laurel but fans are convinced he will 'ghost her' after show ends

Viewers strongly believe that Carrington will leave Laurel as soon as they step foot outside the villa

                            'Love Island': Carrington couples up with Laurel but fans are convinced he will 'ghost her' after show ends
Laurel Goldman and Carrington Rodriguez (Love Island USA/ Twitter)

It was finally time for the islanders to meet their families and introduce their partners to their family members. Things did get interesting during these interactions, which were set up virtually, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The last few episodes featured Carrington Rodriguez putting his partner Laurel Goldman through the wringer after he began developing feelings for new girl Lakeyn Call. 

Carrington found himself drawn to Lakeyn, and instantly opened up to her, which left Laurel feeling a bit insecure. When Laurel confronted Carrington about it, he dismissed her by saying that he was interested in exploring his connection with Lakeyn, as she too did the same when Calvin Cobb expressed his interest in her. Laurel was furious with Carrington's explanation and pointed out how she never made him feel insecure while she was getting to know Calvin.

Up until the recoupling ceremony, everyone was convinced that Carrington would definitely pick Lakeyn and leave poor Laurel broken-hearted. However, he left everyone surprised when he decided to couple up with Laurel instead while stating how he has to stop being selfish and learn to work on his relations. Laurel was relieved and forgave him.

So, during the meetup with parents, Laurel's parents expressed to Carrington how they too were upset when they watched their little girl crying her eyes out for him. Carrington apologized and assured them that he would do better. Laurel's parents seemed to take warmly to Carrington and were very nice to him. Even Carrington's parents seemed to love Laurel and advised their son not to go on any more dates.

While the parents seem to approve of the couple, fans aren't convinced about the relationship. Many viewers expressed that Carrington and Laurel will split up as soon as the show ends. A fan tweeted, "I feel so bad for Laurel bc I really don’t think Carrington is going to want to continue their relationship outside the villa. Meanwhile, you can tell how much his parents really like her already #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."

Another fan wrote, "Carrington is going to leave the Villia drop Laurel, and go f**k Kiersten, leave her and end up with someone else. I can bet anyone money on this. The reunion is about to be so spicy  #LoveIslandUSA." One user said, "The way Carrington literally doesn’t like Laurel like that.. he’s lying to her parents. He can’t wait to leave the villa and leave her. #loveislandusa." 

Another fan shared, "I feel bad for Laurel that she has such hope for her and Carrington after they leave the villa but I know he’s not gonna be with her #LoveIslandUSA." A fan pointed out, "If Carrington had his way he would never have met the parents he’s definitely gonna ghost laurel when the show is over #LoveIslandUSA."










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