'Love Island': Mercades labeled perfect 'reality tv villain' and fans are sure producers won't let her leave

Fans label Mercades a 'villain' after watching her tell Laurel that she would be pursuing Carrington but not all seem to hate her

                            'Love Island': Mercades labeled perfect 'reality tv villain' and fans are sure producers won't let her leave
Mercades Schell (CBS)

Mercades Schell sure knows how to play the game on 'Love Island'. The 26-year-old came on the show with her eyes set firmly on Johnny Middlebrooks and got his attention almost instantly, but things soon fizzled out between them after Johnny realized that he loved his girlfriend Cely Vazquez. As soon as Johnny left Mercades, she quickly moved onto Carrington Rodriguez.

When Carrington expressed his interest in knowing her, she instantly seized the opportunity and began trying to woo him. But before he expressed his interest in Mercades, Carrington was seeing another girl at Casa Amor named Laurel Goldman. Despite Laurel and Carrington sharing a strong connection, he still chose to hang out with Mercades and explore his options.

When Carrington was asked to pick a girl to go on a date with, he surprised everybody by choosing Mercades in place of Laurel. Later, Laurel expressed how she felt like it was a slap on her face when he decided to go out with Mercades, who he barely knew, over her. Mercades, for her part, had a great time on their date and tried convincing Carrington that she was the one for him.

After the date, when the couple returned to Casa, Mercades went to check on Laurel. She initially tried her best to sympathize with Laurel but instead ended up raving about their wonderful date and how much fun they had. She then proceeded to declare that she would be pursuing Carrington seriously. Although Laurel was taken aback by Mercades, she gracefully accepted the situation and encouraged her to pursue Carrington, while sharing that even she would continue trying to woo Carrington.

When fans saw how Mercades behaved with Laurel, they labeled her as a 'villain' A fan tweeted, "Mercedes is the perfect villain for tv. Do y’all really think producers will let her leave? Lol I know they making some big twist right now to make sure she gets her spot in the villa. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "Mercades is a damn villain rubbing her date in that girls face #loveisland #loveislandusa."



"Mercedes is messyyyyyy and annoying lmao she deffo the villain #LoveIsland #loveislandUSA," pointed out a fan. But not all fans seem to hate Mercades, some of them felt that she is needed to make things interesting on the show. A fan commented, "Unpopular opinion but mercades is the villain we need #LoveIslandUSA." Another said, "I’m sorry but Mercedes is the PERFECT reality tv villain. I need her to stay. #LoveIsland #loveislandUSA."




'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c only on CBS.

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