'Love Island': 'Trump supporter' Kierstan causes internal conflict among fans, why do they still love her?

'Love Island' fans wanted Kierstan to stop being a Trump supporter and said that she was too good for it

                            'Love Island': 'Trump supporter' Kierstan causes internal conflict among fans, why do they still love her?
Trump and Kierstan Saulter (Getty Images/ CBS)

Kierstan Saulter managed to amass quite a fan following after appearing on 'Love Island' Season 2. The Texas native charmed fans with her kind and fiercely loyal nature. After she was eliminated following the latest recoupling, fans had a wave of mixed emotions about it. While fans declared that they would miss her on the show, they however had some strong feelings about her political views. 

Kierstan, who is a Trump supporter, left fans with a lot of internal conflict with respect to their feelings towards her. Several fans took to Twitter to express that they would miss Kierstan despite her being a Trump supporter. A fan tweeted, "Imma miss my little trump supporter kierstan #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I kinda like the trump supporter Kierstan imma miss her #loveislandusa," declared a fan. 



Many other fans said that Kierstan was too good to be a Trump supporter, and wished she didn't favor the current president as much. A fan wrote, "I wanna like Kierstan so badddd but whyyyy trump girl you are too good for that #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan expressed, "I hate that kierstan is probably a trump supporter bc she’s so f***i** lovable and sweet,,, why’d she have to do me like this  #LoveIslandUSA." 



Other fans straight-up began demanding that Kierstan stop supporting Trump. A fan shared, "The way i gasped when i saw kierstan in her night look... i’m gonna need her to stop being a trump supporter riiiight now #loveislandusa." Another added, "Kinda glad kierstan is leaving because i was this close to liking her even though she’s a trump supporter and i don’t need that kind of internal conflict in my life #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."



Ever since Kierstan entered the 'Love Island' villa she had her eyes only for Carrington Rodriguez. But unfortunately, Carrington's roving eyes ended their relationship. Following Carrington's recoupling with Laurel, Kierstan coupled up with other men in the villa but always ended up splitting up with them as she couldn't bring herself to get over Carrington. While leaving the villa she expressed how she was leaving with her head held high, as she did what was best for her. Despite all the heartbreak Carrington caused her, she advised him to take good care of Laurel as she left the villa. This only left fans loving her more than ever. 

'Love Island' Season 2 airs every day at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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