'Love Island': Fans think Justine gave Tre a pass to pursue other girls because she didn't want to look 'dumb'

Fans feel that Justine was trying to protect herself and her feelings by telling Tre to pursue other girls

                            'Love Island': Fans think Justine gave Tre a pass to pursue other girls because she didn't want to look 'dumb'
Justine Ndiba and Tre Forte (CBS)

Just as fans were beginning to witness Justine Ndiba and Tre Forte's unlikely coupling on 'Love Island', Justine dropped a bomb that left Tre shocked. Justine wasn't Tre's first choice of partner and neither was Tre hers. The couple ended up bonding with each other after both their partners left them or picked others over them. Initially, Justine was over the moon when she realized that Tre might be into her, but she made a conscious decision to take things slowly.

Things were going smoothly for the couple, but Justine couldn't help but notice how she still wasn't ready to move things along with Tre at a faster pace. So, finally on the latest episode of 'Love Island', she left Tre shell-shocked when she told him that she wanted to take things a little slower, but he was free to pursue other girls if he wanted to.

Justine explained her reasoning behind this unusual decision in her green room interview, by pointing out how it's unfair to Tre to withhold from forming other connections when she isn't ready to fully commit to their relationship just yet. As soon as Justine said that to Tre, he got very upset. But he bounced back quickly, as he immediately moved on to pursuing new girl Lauren.

Although Justine explained that she asked Tre to pursue other girls because she didn't want him to miss out on anything, fans weren't willing to buy it. Fans felt that there might have been other reasons for Justine's suggestion. A fan tweeted, "Honestly I feel like Justine thinks Tre isn’t that romantically into her so she gave him that pass because she doesn’t want to look dumb #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan wrote, "Let me tell y’all...Justine isn’t as dumb as I originally thought...Justine only tryna protect her esteem and dignity at this point cuz deep down she know Tre is not for her team and never was. U can keep saying 'u fall in love faster' but I already know the deal.#LoveIslandUSA."


"I feel like Justine is trying to protect herself from getting hurt again. She probably knows that Tre isn’t feeling her all that much. #LoveIslandUSA," expressed a fan.


Fans were supportive of Justine's decision. A fan commented, "Imagine you’re in Justine's position and Tre kept talking about how attractive Kaitlynn was and how hard it was for him to choose between attraction vs personality and then try to move past that. I’m not mad at Justine. #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan shared, "Think about her experience here. I think Justine thinks Tre will choose Lauren so she’s not setting herself up again. She’s never been first here. #loveislandusa."


"Justine made the right choice though. Tre switched up immediately and that's very telling. #LoveIslandUSA," observed a fan.


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c on CBS. 

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