'Love Island': 'Salty' Cely slammed for not being supportive of Justine and Caleb, fans call her 'jealous'

Fans weren't happy with Cely's lack of excitement and joy for her best friend Justine and Caleb winning a night at the getaway

                            'Love Island': 'Salty' Cely slammed for not being supportive of Justine and Caleb, fans call her 'jealous'
Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba (CBS)

For the longest time, 'Love Island' fans couldn't get enough of Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba's friendship on the popular reality show. The two girls always had each others' back, through thick and thin. When Justine was feeling low at the beginning of the season because none of the boys picked her to couple up with, Cely gently nudged her to explore the connection with Tre. Cely always hyped Justine and kept reminding her about how wonderful she is.

Justine too was nothing but an amazing friend to Cely. When Cely and her partner Johnny Middlebrooke's relationship hit a rough patch, Justine became Cely's confidante and her shoulder to cry on. Their blossoming friendship was a welcome respite amidst all the drama amongst the couples on the show. But after watching the latest episode of 'Love Island', fans couldn't help but notice how Cely's attitude towards Justine and Caleb has changed over time.

The audience was asked to vote for a couple they wanted to send away to spend a night at the hideaway. When it was revealed that Justine and Caleb had been chosen by the audience, Cely and Johnny looked unhappy and unimpressed with the results. Fans felt that Cely should have been happy for her best friend, instead of looking jealous, and called her out for the same. 

A fan tweeted, "I’m sorry but i’m so sick of cely now  like justine was so excited for you in your happy moments but you can’t reciprocate those some feelings. i see you cely, i’m voting you and johnny out next #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "Oh Johnny and Cely really showed they a** this episode... I seen the jealousy in their eyes! They really wasn’t happy for #Jaleb non of them was when I go back and look at it, all f***ing #salty #LoveIslandUSA." 



Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Went back and watched everyone’s reaction and literally only Calvin seemed to be genuinely happy for them. Cely birdbrain a** was low key salty too. Goes to show this is all a game and ain’t sh*t genuine but Jaleb. #LoveIslandUSA." "Ok but y’all do remember that in the Twitter game Cely, Justine’s best friend, was the ONLY one who didn’t pick Justine for the tweet about her having the best outfits in the villa. The hideaway was another example of her not being supportive #LoveIslandUSA #Loveisland," pointed out a fan.



Some fans, however, felt that Cely wasn't to be blamed, but Johnny was responsible for her reaction, as she mimicked him. A fan commented, "I hate that Cely was taking her cues from johnny and didn't show she was happy for bestie. Justine is always her number 1 cheerleader and excited for Cely and she didn't even get up to hug her or help to dress for the night. It's okay justine had caleb  #loveislandusa." "I did rewatch and Cely did eventually come in. I gotta stop judging because of no neck Johnny. I do give her a break. Also Lakeyn did cheer them on. So she gets credits. #LoveIslandUSA," expressed a fan.



'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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