'Love Island': Will Johnny pursue Julia? Fans hope his ogling is a wake up call for Cely

Johnny Middlebrooks is clearly drooling over Julia, especially during the lapdance, and that too in front of Cely and fans hope this is the last straw for Cely

                            'Love Island': Will Johnny pursue Julia? Fans hope his ogling is a wake up call for Cely
Julia and Johnny Middlebrooks (CBS)

The latest recoupling ceremony left fans feeling disappointed and upset after Cely Vazquez decided to take back Johnny Middlebrooks, despite him cheating on her and not telling her the truth about it. While fans were still fuming over Cely's decision, things began getting interesting in the villa. The islanders had a challenge to perform solo pole dance to their fellow islander, with heart rate monitors strapped on all of them to see whose performance left their hearts racing. 

All the islanders put their best foot forward and tried to sway each other with their suggestive performances. Johnny's performance as a pirate left Cely floored, both literally (as he lifted her and dropped her on the floor) and metaphorically. While Cely's steamy performance set Johnny's heart racing and as the couple was enjoying each other's performance, fans were plotting yet again to split this couple as the producers brought in two new girls into the villa. One of the girls named Julia, comes in dressed as an angel, and everybody's eyes were on her. 

Julia immediately gets to work and does her best performance to seduce the guys. In the cliffhanger for the next episode, we see Julia dancing on Johnny's lap, while Johnny is ogling at her. We also see Cely watching her partner drooling over Julia uncomfortably from the sidelines. When fans saw that Julia managed to expose Johnny's roving eyes to Cely, fans were pleased. Fans began hoping for Johnny's head to turn for Julia, and hopefully that might spell the end for Cely and him. A fan tweeted, "Julia go for Johnny plz I love that girl anything to wake Cely up #loveislandusa." Another said, "Watch johnny be tempted by that new girl just when he got cely’s trust back lmfao i’ll scream #LoveIslandUSA."



Fans weren't impressed with Cely looking upset and surprised when she saw her man drooling over a new girl. A fan expressed, "Of course Johnny is gonna thirst over the new girl, we tried to warn you Cely #LoveIslandUSA." One said, "Not Cely being surprised at Johnny acting like a dog in heat when another new girl comes in #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." Another fan shared, "Julia gon go for Johnny and he gon crack. That’s gon be the final sign for Cely to wake up #loveislandusa," commented a hopeful fan. 




'Love Island' Season 2 airs every day at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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