'Love Island': Johnny's dad reminds him of 'game plan', fans are certain he is on the show just for money

Fans were left feeling unsettled after they heard Johnny's father talk about a 'game plan' and defending his actions in Casa Amor

                            'Love Island': Johnny's dad reminds him of 'game plan', fans are certain he is on the show just for money
Johnny Middlebrooks (CBS)

While the islanders were excited about meeting their families and introducing their partners to their family, the same can't be said for Johnny Middlebrooks. Johnny was stressed at the prospect of his antics at Casa Amor popping up while meeting the family, either from his family or Cely's. He was sure that it would come up and he wasn't wrong.

Cely's parents appeared first at the virtual meeting, and after the family caught up with one another, Johnny was called in. Cely's mother, sister and brother gave him their blessings. They did bring up Casa Amor and asked Cely how she felt about it. Cely explained that her mother taught her to acknowledge the flaws in people and move on. Hence, she forgave Johnny and decided to move forward rather than dwell on it. 

After Cely's family left, Johnny's family appeared and things got interesting. When Johnny's father saw Cely, he was happy and declared that Johnny didn't stick to his game plan. When fans heard Johnny's father mention that he came into the villa with a game plan, they immediately deduced that he must be on the show for the $100k prize.

A fan tweeted, "Did anyone else hear Johnny Dad blow up his spot about sticking to his 'game plan'?!?! If that’s not all you need to hear to realize that he's only there for the money I don't know what is. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "'Didn’t stick to his game plan' hmm we know he was in it just for the money. That's just for confirming Johnny's dads #LoveIslandUSA." "Let's be real Johnny’s crying bc he is seeing the money fading from his view!these tears not doin sh*t for me #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA," joked a fan.






Later when the topic of Casa Amor came up, Johnny's father immediately defended his son's actions by revealing that he too would have probably done the same thing at Johnny's age. Fans were left feeling a little unsettled after hearing this from his father. A fan expressed, "Johnny’s dad saying he didn’t stick to the game plan and how he would’ve done the same thing (during casa amor) was very off putting #LoveIslandUSA."

Another fan shared, "And not Johnny's dad saying he would've done the same thing as Johnny if he was his age. Wtf. What a bad example and standard to set. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." "Johnny’s dad talking about he would have done the same thing as him speaks volumes to me. B/c if a father can't teach his son how to be a man... well goodluck sis! But that's none of my business! #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA," pointed a fan.






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