'Love Island': James labeled crazy as fans plan to vote his 'toxic male energy' out of the show

Fans are keen on voting out James at the first opportunity they get after watching him treat Moira poorly

                            'Love Island': James labeled crazy as fans plan to vote his 'toxic male energy' out of the show
James McCool (CBS)

James McCool and Moira Tumas's whirlwind romance came to a screeching halt after James showed his angry and possessive side. The couple's intense chemistry had fans rooting for them initially. But when the new guys entered the villa and one of them chose to go on a date with Moira, James began showing his true colors. He began feeling very insecure and could be seen venting to everybody in the villa when Moira was on a date with Calvin. He even mentioned how he would be very mad if Moira began paying attention to Calvin and would change his strategy if she picks Calvin over him. 

Just as James predicted, Moira found herself feeling attracted to Calvin and expressed her desire to get to know him better. Later, when Moira returned to the villa after her date, she pulled James aside to tell him how she was feeling. Before Moira could even begin expressing her thoughts, James began prodding her and kept asking her if she liked her new date better than him. Finally, when Moira tried explaining to him that Calvin seemed more her type and she did want to get to know him, James took it rather badly. He got offended and began gaslighting Moira by trying to make her feel guilty by asking if she would stop talking to him if Calvin walked into the villa and if their relationship was over, among other things.

Moura got overwhelmed and when she once again tried to explain to James that he was inducing anxiety in her, he continued to push her with his demanding questions. Finally, Moira tells him off for overstepping the boundaries and suffocating her with his presence. She makes it clear that she needs space and walks away from him. Later, when the boys met, James could be heard telling Calvin that the girl he picked to go on a date with (Moira) was crazy and something was wrong with her.

James tried to make amends with Moira several times after their fight, but he fails to see what he did wrong and continues placing the blame on her. When Moira didn't seem keen on accepting his apology, he just yells that Calvin can have her because he doesn't want her. Their fellow contestant Mackenzie Dipman happened to be around when James was yelling that out, so she immediately intervened and chided him for thinking that he owns Moira and he gets to decide what she can and can't do.

Just like Mackenzie, fans too were beginning to get annoyed with James and his immature behavior. Several fans took to their Twitter to express how they were looking forward to eliminating James during the upcoming elimination voting in which the audience can vote off an islander. A fan tweeted, "James just has that toxic male energy we should all avoid. He definitely needs to be the next to leave. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan pointed, "James is throwing all the red flagsss. The gas lighting, manipulation, invalidate her feelings, then making it seem like shes the problem. Moira RUN #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."


"We CAN VOTE,soon!!.Soo,its mutual,the votes are towards CRAZY James?!!.. #LoveIsland," wrote a fan.


"We finally get to vote?! Wow I can’t wait to send James home tomorrow  #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," shared a fan.


Another fan commented, "The fact that James thinks he did nothing wrong.. HE NEEDS TO GO when can we vote him out??? #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c only on CBS.

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