'Love Island': Jalen slammed for gaslighting and manipulating Mackenzie, fans say 'he's not seeing heaven'

'Love Island' fans called out Jalen for treating Mackenzie poorly

                            'Love Island': Jalen slammed for gaslighting and manipulating Mackenzie, fans say 'he's not seeing heaven'
Mackenzie Dipman and Jalen Noble (CBS)

After watching the latest episode of 'Love Island' fans couldn't help but side with Mackenzie Dipman and throw shade at Jalen Noble. During the Casa Amor recoupling, Mackenzie made the bold decision to ditch her partner Connor Trott, for a new guy- Jalen. After spending some time with Jalen, she came to the realization that Connor and she might not be the best fit for each other and decided to couple up with Jalen. 

Just a little later after the coupling, things between Jalen and her hit a wall. Jalen began spending more time with Kierstan Saulter, consoling her and cheering her up, instead of spending time getting to know Mackenzie. This irked Mackenzie to no end,. So, she confronted him about it, instead of hearing her out, Jalen got extremely defensive. Things got so bad between them that Mackenzie decided to sleep outside the villa because she couldn't stand the thought of being around him.

The next morning, Jalen told her that he has been seeing a lot of red flags in her behavior and isn't happy with it. He also pointed out how he hated watching the way she treated Connor and wanted to avoid that. He threw another blow at her by saying that he wants to keep his options open and form new connections in the villa. She walked away feeling upset and later broke down in front of the girls saying how his words hurt her. 

Fans too sided with Mackenzie and felt that Jalen was out of line with the way he treated her. A fan tweeted, "Tbh I’m totally on Mackenzie’s side & I have been from the start. Conner WAS lying to her & her reaction was in response to what he did & the fact that Jalen did not see that & put it all on her shows me he’s a gaslighter. I don’t approve of him at all #loveislandUSA." "I really don’t understand how people are rooting for Jalen on #LoveIslandUSA when it seems like he’s tryna manipulate MacKenzie," wrote a fan.






"I’m no mackenzie fan by any means but y’all really be hating her to hate her.. jalen was definitely in the wrong here tonight #loveisland #loveislandUSA," commented a fan. Another fan expressed, "I’m sorry but I actually understand where Mackenzie was coming from with the whole Jalen situation. That man used her for sure. #LoveIslandUSA."  

"Jalen took the most emotionally vulnerable girl that he knew he could manipulate easily, made her believe he liked her just to get into the villa, and as soon as he was in, he started going after someone else. This man is not seeing heaven. #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan. "I feel bad for Mackenzie because Jalen was straight up using her. He said he wasn’t attracted to her, he said he didn’t like her personality from what he saw on tv, and then he’s been having a “friendship” with Kierstan. I can’t with him. #LoveIslandUSA," stated another fan.










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