'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Calvin and Moira lose second spot despite connection, fans say duo was 'robbed'

Fans felt that Moira and Calvin should have come second place instead of Cely and Johnny

                            'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Calvin and Moira lose second spot despite connection, fans say duo was 'robbed'
Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb (CBS)

Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb's relationship is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. While Moira found herself instantly drawn to Calvin, it took him some time to find a connection with her. Calvin and Moira coupled up prior to Casa Amor, but things weren't moving at the pace she had hoped for in the relationship. So, when Casa Amor opened up, both Calvin and Moira ended up picking new partners, and during the recoupling, coupled up with different people.

But when Moira saw Calvin happy with another girl, it stirred up some feelings in her. Eventually, the couple found their way to each other, after Moira picked Calvin over her then partner Connor Trott during a recoupling. After that, Calvin expressed his interest in Moira and told her that he was open to giving their relationship another shot if she was interested. 

Moira took up on Calvin's offer, and things began getting better for the couple. They began having each others' backs and tried genuinely getting to know each other. Unfortunately for the couple, they began connecting really well towards the end of the series. Although fans loved the new chemistry between Calvin and Moira, they still couldn't get enough votes to secure the second spot on the show. They came in third, after Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks.

Several fans took to their Twitter to express how Moira and Calvin were 'robbed' because they came third despite having a genuine connection, and seemed keen on pursuing their relationship outside of the villa. A fan tweeted, "one last thought: moira and calvin were robbed of second place. that’s all. #LoveIslandUSA." "I know y’all saw how cute Moira and Calvin looked coincidentally matching. They were robbed second place and you can’t tell me otherwise. #LoveIslandUSA," wrote another fan.



Ever since Johnny turned his head for Mercades at Casa Amor, fans haven't been that pleased with the way things unfolded between Johnny and Cely. So, when they saw that they managed to rake up more votes that Moira and Calvin, many fans were left feeling upset and unhappy. A fan expressed, "MOIRA AND CALVIN WERE ROBBED THEY SHOULDVE BEEN SECOND WTF #LoveIslandUSA." "#LoveIslandUSA how the hell cely and johnny is in second place...moira and calvin deserved that ugh WHY YALL ARE you IN LOVE WITH TOXIC MEN," wondered a fan. Another fan shared, "I can’t believe Calvin and Moira were not in second place? Who the fuck was voting for Cely and Johnny? Were we watching the same show? #LoveIslandUSA."




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