'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Johnny says Cely is Bonnie to his Clyde, fans ask 'does he know how that ended?'

Fans weren't here for Johnny's love letter to Cely and wondered if he even knew anything about Bonnie and Clyde's story

                            'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Johnny says Cely is Bonnie to his Clyde, fans ask 'does he know how that ended?'
Cely and Johnny (CBS)

Season 2 finale of 'Love Island' is finally here. As the couples get ready to find out who America chose as the winner of the season, the couples declared their love by writing some beautiful letters to each other expressing their feelings. While all the couples shared their deepest thoughts and declarations of unconditional love to each other, it was Johnny Middlebrooks's letter to Cely Vazquez that piqued fans' interest.

Johnny minced no words when it came to expressing how much love he has for his partner, Cely. After showering Cely with praises for being a loyal partner and a wonderful person, he concluded his letter by stating that Cely was the Bonnie to his Clyde. While Johnny tried to use the infamous couple as an example for undying love, fans seem to have some reservations with his choice of analogy.

Bonnie and Clyde were an American criminal couple whose relationship came to a tragic end after they were shot by the police. So, fans couldn't help but wonder why Johnny would compare his relationship with Cely to the infamous criminal couple. Several fans took to Twitter wondering whether Johnny knew all about Bonnie and Clyde. A fan tweeted, "Johnny’s with his fake ass poem. Does he know how Bonnie and Clyde ended? #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "Bonnie to his clyde? does johnny now how that ended? #loveislandusa." Another wondered, "Does johnny know clyde was bonnie’s side b***h bc she was married ajsjdjdj #LoveIslandUSA."




Besides Johnny's poor choice of analogy, fans weren't impressed with his speech to Cely either. A fan said, "Cely’s speech was good! (LMAO at fairytale love tho, never saw cheating on any fairytale) But Johnny’s speech was booooooorrrrrrriinnnggg! #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland #Jely." Another said, "I feel like even cely knows johnny’s speech was the worst #LoveIslandUSA." One fan said, "Cely saying 'me next' cuz of calvins speech girly knows johnny was spewing trash #loveislandusa."  




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