'Love Island': Will Connor ditch Mackenzie for Lauren? Fans are convinced he wants to 'leave so bad'

Fans of the show are convinced Connor can't wait to leave Mackenzie, but just doesn't know how to

                            'Love Island': Will Connor ditch Mackenzie for Lauren? Fans are convinced he wants to 'leave so bad'
Mackenzie, Connor and Lauren (CBS)

Mackenzie Dipman has attached herself to Connor Trott's hip from the pilot episode. While she is head over heels in love with him, he may or may not be on the same page as her. So, when America was presented with the opportunity to vote for a guy who will get to go on a date with new girl Lauren, the majority of them voted for Connor. Connor became an obvious pick among 'Love Island' fans because they wanted to understand where Connor's head was and also get some messy drama.

Fans got way more than they anticipated, in terms of all the drama. As soon as Lauren set foot in the house, the girls began feeling a bit insecure since the new girl was extremely attractive. Unlike other girls, who let Lauren do her thing, Mackenzie staked her claim on Connor, by saying that they made things official. Later, when Lauren was interacting with the guys, she casually congratulates Connor for being in an official relationship. He begins fumbling on hearing the word official and tries explaining that he hasn't made anything official and is still waiting for the right time to make it special. 

Later, Connor tells the guys that he is open to interacting with Lauren and wants to get to know her better, although he is still loyal to Mackenzie. When Lauren receives a text saying that America chose Connor as her date, Mackenzie gets very upset and storms off in tears. He goes after her and tries to console her. She tells Connor that she doesn't want him to go on a date and then begins wondering why America hates her so much that they chose Connor to go on a date with Lauren.

While Connor was trying to console her, Lauren walks in on them and assures Mackenzie that it's just a date and they would only be talking. Mackenzie excuses herself from them and walks away.

As Lauren and Connor were leaving for their date, he tells her that he needed this date badly so that he could get away from Mackenzie. In the preview clip for the upcoming episode, we see him declaring to Lauren that she's exactly who he has been looking for. After watching how happy and excited Connor is around Lauren, fans began wondering if he'd be willing to leave Mackenzie for Lauren.

A fan tweeted, "Connor, getting ready for his date with Lauren... #LoveIslandUSA #freeconnor."


Another fan wrote, "I wanna jump threw this scream and hit Mackenzie upside her head you a grown a** women calm down Connor wants to leave so bad #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan expressed, "Connor wants to leave so bad but he such a nice guy he don’t know how #LoveIslandUSA."



"Connor wants Lauren. I’ve never heard him speak so much before lmaooo #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan.


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c on CBS.

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