'Love Island': Connor should 'go home and be with Mackenzie', say fans after knowing that he still likes her

'Love Island' fans think that Connor should just leave the villa and get back with Mackenzie, instead of 'boring' everyone

                            'Love Island': Connor should 'go home and be with Mackenzie', say fans after knowing that he still likes her
Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman (CBS)

After crushing Mackenzie Dipman's heart by choosing to recouple with her best friend, Moira Tumas, Connor Trott appears to be having some second thoughts about his current situation. With three new boys in the villa, it came as no surprise when Moira began trying to form a connection with them. While Moira was busy checking out the new guys, Connor came to the realization that he still isn't over Mackenzie.

So, Connor pulled Moira aside and told her that he wants to just stay friends with her because he still has feelings for Mackenzie and isn't over her. Moira was completely taken aback by Connor's sudden declaration of feelings for his ex. Since it's the girls' turn to pick their partners for the upcoming recoupling, Moira is put in a tough spot. She has to choose between the new guys -- Calvin and Connor -- on who she wants to couple up with and keep them safe. While she knows that she has zero connection with them, she could possibly try exploring things with the new guys. 

In the preview clip for the upcoming episode, we see Moira breaking down over the tough decision she has to make. After watching her dilemma, fans began advising Connor to just voluntarily leave the show, and go back to Mackenzie. A fan tweeted, "Connor go home and be with Mackenzie cuz clearly y’all are meant for eachother #loveislandUSA @loveislandusa #youarebothdumb." Another fan wrote, "Connor should just volunteer to go home and be w Mackenzie at this point #LoveIslandUSA," while a third said, "Connor baby you should just go home with dignity at this point...Mackenzie will be waiting for you at the gate #LoveIslandUSA." A fan shared, "Why is Connor trying to stay if he wants Mackenzie? Go home. #LoveIslandUSA," and another expressed, "Connor, stop boring us and go be Mackenzie’s boyfriend for 10 hours again #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA." 











Connor and Mackenzie's relationship came to a screeching halt after Connor realized that Mackenzie had coupled up with Jalen, following Casa Amor, while he decided to stay loyal to her. Their relationship took a turn for worse as Jalen began mistreating Mackenzie after the recoupling, and she later learned that Connor still had feelings for her. During the recoupling, Mackenzie hoped that Connor would pick her, but when he chose Moira, she was left feeling upset. Hopefully, after the upcoming recoupling, Connor can go back to Mackenzie and explore their relationship.

'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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