'Love Island': Fans slam Cely for her 'shady' attitude, praise Justine for being a 'good friend'

'Love Island' fans think Cely is too blinded by Johnny to understand Justine's concerns over their relationship

                            'Love Island': Fans slam Cely for her 'shady' attitude, praise Justine for being a 'good friend'
Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba (CBS)

Justine Ndiba has quickly become a fan-favorite islander on 'Love Island' Season 2 and rightfully so. From day 1, Justine and Cely Vazquez's friendship on the show was easily one of the highlights of the season. The two islanders perfectly complemented each other's craziness and always had each other's back.

When at the beginning of the season, Justine was feeling a bit blue about not finding a good connection with any of the boys in the villa, Cely was her number one cheerleader, and constantly nudged Justine to explore new connections in the villa.

When Cely was stressing over what might be happening at Casa Amor or when she found out the truth about Johnn's antics at Casa, Justine was right by her side. She stood by her friend firmly and consoled her. But of late things seem to be changing between these two dear friends. Cely hasn't been as enthusiastic or cheerful for all the new experiences that her friend Justine is going through.

The previous episode featured Cely's family meeting Johnny and not being as thrilled with him as Cely had expected from them. So, when Cely was feeling low over it, Justine sat with her and tried talking to her. During their conversation, Justine pointed out how Johnny can be selfish at times and not put Cely and their relationship above himself in certain situations.

When Cely heard that, she immediately got defensive, and began crying saying she isn't dumb or weak, and knows when she is being mistreated. She snaps at Justine for calling Johnny selfish and begins showering praises upon Johnny without trying to understand Justine's point of view.

Althugh Justine didn't say anything to Cely that evening, the next day she apologized to her. Justine cleared the air by declaring that she likes Johnny and wishes nothing but the best for her friends. Cely passively accepts the apology and shares that she wasn't offended by anything that Justine had said the previous night. Cely's tone while speaking to Justine didn't sit well with fans. Many fans felt that Cely was throwing shade and attitude towards Justine.

A fan tweeted, "Not Cely givin Queen Justine attitude just because she's lookin out for her & doesn't like that she's pointing out how selfish Johnny is. She didn't call you weak, that ya own feelins. She's been there since Day 1 for you. Curve the attitude!!" "I highkey did not like the way Cely responded to Justine trying to look out for her. I stanned their friendship from the start but a Cely been acting a little shady lately #LoveIslandUSA," observed a fan.

"Cely got defensive so fast when justine brought up how johnny is selfish and that shows that deep down she knows it’s true and he’s not putting in the same effort she is but is trying to cling on to what they have to save herself the embarrassment #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," wrote a fan.






Fans also praised Justine for being a good friend to Cely, despite her shady behavior. A fan shared, "Justine is such a good person that even though there was absolutely NO REASON for her to apologize to Cely and make sure they're okay, she did it anyway! I need her to be my friend asap. She's the best!! #JalebForever #QueenJustine #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA."

Another fan expressed, "Justine is a good a** friend who is spot on with her read on Johnny. Cely is just blinded by the d*ck to realize and she got mad at Justine for speaking facts. Cely said she doesn’t want people thinking she’s weak, but her actions show she’s weakened by no neck #LoveIslandUSA."




'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c on CBS. 

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