'Love Island': Will Cely dump Johnny during recoupling and pair up with Bennie? Fans say she deserves better

Fans think it's time for Cely to dump Johnny and move on after she learned the truth about him and Mercades at Casa Amor

                            'Love Island': Will Cely dump Johnny during recoupling and pair up with Bennie? Fans say she deserves better

After finally finding out the truth about what Johnny Middlebrooks was doing at Casa Amor with Mercades Schell, Cely Vazquez is left feeling confused and angry. Following their recoupling after Casa Amor, Johnny did tell Cely about his fling with Mercades, but downplayed it significantly by excluding several details about what he and Mercades did at Casa. Although Cely was hurt, she eventually forgave Johnny and decided to stay with him.

But fans were far from pleased with the fact that Johnny wasn't telling the truth to Cely and were waiting for an opportunity to expose him. They finally got it when the islanders had to play a game of "sucker punch". During the game, tweets of fans would be read out to the islanders and they would have to guess who it was about. One of the tweets was questioning which islander would finally tell the truth to Cely about what Johnny did in Casa Amor. 

A confused Cely went to Caleb asking him the truth about Casa Amor and Johnny. Caleb then tells her that he thinks Johnny had sex with Mercades. Cely was devastated on hearing it but wanted to dig deeper into the matter, so she went to new boy- Noah to get more details. Noah told her everything he saw at Casa Amor. By the end of it, Cely was upset and hurt. She then went to Justine and vented how she's feeling played and manipulated by Johnny. Justine gently advised Cely to move on from Johnny.

The preview clip for the upcoming episode revealed that there would be a recoupling and the girls would get to decide who they want to couple up with. In the clip, we also saw Cely confronting Johnny for not telling her everything about Casa Amor and questioning her for going on a date with Bennie. After watching it, fans began hoping Cely would dump Johnny. A fan tweeted, "A RECOUPLING ON SUNDAY?!?!? GIRLS HAVE THE POWER?!??? IF CELY DOESN’T DUMP THIS MAN, I‘M GOING TO BE PISSED #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." "Cely pls dump Johnny on recoupling night.... #LoveIslandUSA," wrote a fan. Another fan expressed, "I just saw the first look for #LoveIslandUSA and I can't wait for tonight. Cely better wake up and recouple. Let Johnny tell you everything and dump his a** at recoupling. I have never been this excited for a #LoveIslandUSA episode ever..."







"Cely better stay strong and be done with that boy!!!!!!! Do not recouple with him #LoveIslandUSA," shared a fan. Another fan commented, "CELY PLEASEEEEE RECOUPLE WITH BENNIE HE DESERVES A CHANCE AND YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT JOHNNY DID TO YOU PLEASE REALIZE THAT #loveislandusa."





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