'Love Island': Will new guy Bennie split Johnny and Cely? Fans call out Johnny's 'toxic' attitude

Fans are hoping for a split between Cely and Johnny after watching Bennie and her enjoy their date

                            'Love Island': Will new guy Bennie split Johnny and Cely? Fans call out Johnny's 'toxic' attitude
Bennie, Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks (CBS)

As the number of islanders on 'Love Island' is slimming down, the drama is only getting more intense. Following the elimination of four islanders on the recently aired episode of 'Love Island', three new boys were introduced. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this shake-up in the villa for a while now. As soon as the three new islanders walked in, they quickly began searching for a connection.

Two of the boys seem to have their eyes on Cely Vazquez. Noah and Bennie have been fairly vocal about their interest in Cely, who is currently coupled up with Johnny Middlebrooks.

Initially, fans couldn't get enough of Cely and Johnny, as they made a very cute couple. But following Casa Amor, fans weren't happy with Johnny and his roving eyes. At Casa, Johnny had a fling with Mercades Schell. When he got back to the villa and recoupled with Cely, he did mention about Mercades but gave Cely a watered-down version of what transpired between them.

Despite having multiple opportunities to come clean to Cely, Johnny has been hiding the truth from her. Fans were hoping for one of the boys at the villa to tell Cely the truth, but none of them seemed keen on it. So, all hopes were pinned on one of the new islanders to spill the tea on Johnny and Mercades. When it was the new islanders' turn to pick a girl to go on a date with, Bennie chose Cely.

Cely was intrigued and impressed by his bold move. The duo had a great brunch date, where Bennie managed to impress Cely with his smooth mannerisms. The preview clip for the upcoming episode shows Johnny questioning Cely about her interest in Bennie. Johnny can be seen getting all upset over Cely's interest in Bennie and questioning her over why she wants to continue seeing Bennie, while she is coupled up with him.

When fans saw Johnny get so insecure, they began slamming him and hoping that Cely continues seeing Bennie. A fan tweeted, "#LoveIslandUSA - The previews for tomorrow Johnny looks angry with Cely bc she wants to get to know Benny -I did not catch the last thing Johnny said to Cely, which made her look down - This is how they will be on the outside, Cely better do what Johnny says." Another fan wrote, "I wanted Benny to spill the tea, but honestly I think it’s best he didn’t. Cely seems like the kind of person who would be put off by that. Johnny bout to pull a James and ruin it for himself anyways #LoveIslandUSA."




"I don’t even like Bennie but I wouldn’t mind him getting in the way of Cely and Johnny  #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan. Another fan expressed, "Johnny is showing how toxic he really is though. He still hasn’t asked Cely to be his girl but he’s pressed because of Bennie. Didn't you just ask if there was new girls too? #LoveIslandUSA." "Ohhhh so johnny does the shoe fit ? are you feeling guilty? is it bc YOU DIDN’T TELL CELY THE FULL STORY AND NOW YOU ARE INTIMIDATED BY BENNIE BC YOU ARE NOW REALIZING CELY ACTUALLY CAN HAVE AN INTEREST IN HIM SMH #LoveIslandUSA," questioned a fan.






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