'Love Island' slammed for not airing Casa Amor recoupling, annoyed fans say show 'ratings must be low'

Annoyed fans refuse to wait till Sunday to watch the Casa Amor recoupling on 'Love Island', which has been teased for a while now

                            'Love Island' slammed for not airing Casa Amor recoupling, annoyed fans say show 'ratings must be low'
Justine Ndiba, Connor Trott, Cely Vazquez (CBS)

'Love Island' fans tuned in to their favorite show to watch the much-awaited Casa Amor recoupling. After watching the teasers for Casa Amor recoupling for days, fans couldn't wait to finally see if their favorite couples manage to stay together or decide to recouple. But they were left feeling disappointed when the recently aired episode ended with a cliffhanger to the next episode, which will be featuring the girls' recoupling.

Fans were very angry when they realized that they would have to wait until Sunday to watch the recoupling. Many of them took to Twitter to express their displeasure. A fan tweeted, "TFFFF!!!! Oh naaahhhh .... SUNDAY?!? oh cbs done tried it!!!! I was looking for to this recoupling, Sunday’s episode better be 2 hours ... F**K! #loveislandusa."


"No b***h I don’t need a recap or more to love give me this f***ing episode TOMORROW. #LoveIsland #loveislandUSA," wrote an annoyed fan. "Really? Y’all didn’t have to show us this episode. Now we have to wait until Sunday. That’s mad far #loveislandUSA," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "Love Island giving us NOTHING but wanna act soOo interesting in the first look IM SICK YOU’LL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER #loveislandUSA @CBSAllAccess." One commented, "Wait they told y’all there was gonna be a recoupling in tonight’s episode and there wasnt???????? ratings must be low cause why would they do that i’d be so mad."








On Sunday's episode, the girls — Cely Vazquez, Moira Tumas, Mackenzie Dipman, Kierstan Saulter and Justine Ndiba — will have to make the tough decision of whether they want to pick a new partner from the five new guys introduced as part of Casa Amor or if they want to go back to their earlier partners they coupled up with initially. Currently, Cely is coupled up with Johnny Middlebrooks. While Cely stayed faithful to Johnny, he had a brief fling with Mercades Schell at Casa Amor. He later realized that he loved Cely more than Mercades. We will have to wait and watch to see how Cely reacts when she finds out about Mercades and Johnny's fling.

Moira was coupled up with Calvin prior to Casa Amor. But as soon as the Casa opened, she went straight into the arms of Aaron Owen. Moira believes that she has better chemistry and connection with Aaron compared to Calvin, although she still has some feelings for Calvin. We wouldn't be surprised if she ends up deciding to recouple with Aaron. In case Moira does recouple, Calvin won't be brokenhearted for too long. Calvin and Sher Suarez hit it off at Casa, so another recoupling might be on the horizon.

Mackenzie and Connor Trott's dramatic romance might come to a crashing end post Casa Amor. While Connor decided to stay single at Casa and be loyal to Mackenzie, she, on the other hand, is head over heels smitten with Jalen Noble. Although after Jalen subtly suggested that he didn't want to rush into anything, we will have to see if Mackenzie decides to go back to Connor, or take a risk and pick Jalen.

Kierstan and Carrington Rodriguez decided to stay friends prior to Casa Amor. Unfortunately for Kierstan, she doesn't seem to be having much luck at Casa while Carrington is torn between two other girls at Casa. It boils down to Carrington who will decide whether he wants to couple up with one of the new girls or get back to Kierstan and give their relationship another shot. Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew seem to be going strong despite Casa Amor. So Justine might not pick anybody during the recoupling and choose to stay with Caleb.

'Love Island' Season 2 airs all days of the week at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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