'Love Island': Cely is upset and fans are livid that Moira made it all about herself instead of comforting her

Fans called out Moira for making everything about herself and her petty problems, while others around her are hurting

                            'Love Island': Cely is upset and fans are livid that Moira made it all about herself instead of comforting her
Moira Tumas and Cely Vazquez (CBS)

Moira Tumas has yet again found a way to annoy 'Love Island' fans. The 28-year-model decided to recouple with new guy Aaron Owen during the Casa Amor recoupling ceremony. Although Moira instantly decided to recouple with Aaron, she was secretly hoping for her partner, Calvin Cobb, to return from the Casa as single. So, when Calvin walked into the villa with Sher Suarez, she was shocked.

Both Calvin and Moira clearly decided to do what's best for them. While Calvin was happy with his decision to recouple and was glad that Moira too found someone else, she didn't share the same feelings. As soon as she saw Sher and Calvin together, she began questioning her decision to couple up with Aaron, and began feeling upset about it. While Moira was upset that her partner Calvin found someone else, fellow contestants Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks were going through an intense rollercoaster of emotions of their own. Although Cely and Johnny decided to remain coupled up and didn't pick anybody else, Cely was upset when she learned that Johnny had kissed and slept in the same bed with another girl.

Cely was totally heartbroken and was sitting alone in the vanity room crying. Moira too joined Cely and instead of consoling Cely or trying to help her friend out, Moira began having a meltdown in front of Cely. Moira cried in front of Cely expressing how she isn't feeling for Aaron and her feelings for Calvin resurfaced after seeing him. She then added how she looks up to Cely for staying loyal to Johnny and wished that she too stayed loyal for Calvin instead of swaying over to Aaron. Cely pushed her troubles aside and quickly went over to Moira to console and cheer her up. She then reassured Moura that Johnny and she aren't in a great place and encouraged Moira to listen to her heart. 

Fans were seething with rage when they saw how Moira was completely indifferent to Cely's pain and feelings and made everything about herself. A fan tweeted, "Of course Moira has no self awareness and starts crying when Cely is actually upset. Cely the stand up girl that she is makes Moira feel better even though she is in pain. #LoveIslandUSA." "I honestly HATE ppl like Moira. Cely was having a serious moment & she made it all about herself. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," wrote a fan.





"How can Moira see Cely breaking down doesn’t ask why .. and starts to break down about something that doesn’t even compare ?? #loveislandUSA," wondered a fan. Another fan pointed, "Moira’s so self absorbed she didn’t even notice Cely cried her lashes off. #loveisland #loveislandUSA." "IS MOIRA SERIOUSLY MAKING THIS ABOUT HER WHEN CELY IS GOING THROUGH HER OWN SH*T #LoveIsland #loveislandUSA," questioned a fan.







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