'Love Island': Will Mackenzie pick Connor during recoupling? Fans wish she chooses Jalen as they're 'great'

Fans are puzzled about whether Mackenzie will couple up with Jalen or Connor but they think her relationship with Connor was rather 'bad and unhappy'

                            'Love Island': Will Mackenzie pick Connor during recoupling? Fans wish she chooses Jalen as they're 'great'
Jalen Noble, Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott (CBS)

As the Casa Amor recoupling is looming closer on 'Love Island', fans have begun speculating which couples might end up together. While there is a consensus among fans about many couples, they can't seem to figure out what Mackenzie Dipman might do. Prior to Casa Amor, Mackenzie was coupled up with Connor Trott. Things got intense very soon between them after Connor suggested they make their relationship official but retracted his statement the very next morning. 

Mackenzie was shown as being extremely insecure and controlling in their relationship. For instance, when Connor was voted by America to go on a date with Lauren Coogan, Mackenzie made a big deal about it. She stormed off crying and demanded that Connor does not go on a date with Lauren. However, Connor went ahead with the date anyway. During the date, he expressed how it was a good break for him away from Mackenzie. 

Later, when the audience had to vote for the most compatible couple, Mackenzie and Connor didn't secure enough votes to put them in the safe zone. This left Mackenzie questioning the fate of their relationship. So, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that things weren't great between the couple when the doors to Casa Amor opened. Fans were expecting Connor to get wild at Casa and pick a new girl, but were left shocked when Mackenzie picked up a new guy and Connor stayed loyal. 

At Casa, Connor decided to stay loyal to Mackenzie and decided not to pursue any of the girls. During his time there, all he could talk about was his relationship with Mackenzie and how they had been through a lot together. Mackenzie unfortunately ended up deciding to explore things with Jalen Noble. She found a lot of common interests with him and felt a lot calmer and relaxed around him. She expressed how she wanted to explore other connections although she has feelings for Connor.

Things were going very smoothly between Jalen and her until he revealed to her that he didn't want to rush into anything and liked their current arrangement. This left her wondering if he truly wanted to be with her. Fans were divided over what Mackenzie would do during the recoupling. While some believe that she'll go back to Connor after hearing Jalen's thoughts, others think she might recouple with Jalen.

A fan tweeted, "Mackenzie is going to choose Connor because she wants to have that control over him. She realized she can’t do that with Jalen. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I feel like Mackenzie will for sure stay with Connor now, after Jalen told her he didn’t want to rush things. #LoveIslandUSA." One said, "Mackenzie is for sure picking Jalen. Don’t pay attention to the last few minutes. That’s classic tv diversion."



Mackenzie knows Connor and she were bad and unhappy together, plus all the girls echoed that and how great she has been with Jalen. Done deal! #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out another fan.  "Go for Jalen, Mackenzie. You and Connor are not compatible. That’s what America is trying to tell you. #LoveIslandUSA," shared a fan.



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