'Love Island': Jalen slammed as 'trash' for playing games and using Mackenzie to get with Kierstan

Fans believe Jalen used Mackenzie to secure his spot in the villa and then to pursue his true interest- Kierstan

                            'Love Island': Jalen slammed as 'trash' for playing games and using Mackenzie to get with Kierstan
Mackenzie Dipman, Jalen Noble, and Kierstan Saulter (CBS)

Casa Amor has given us way more drama than we were prepared for. Ever since the doors to the Casa had opened, Mackenzie Dipman immediately dropped her partner Connor Trott like a hot potato for new guy Jalen Noble. She spared no time in wooing Jalen, as she believed that they were more compatible than Connor and her. Jalen, on the other hand, came with his eyes set on Moira Tumas, but quickly shifted his focus onto Mackenzie when he began getting attention from her. Jalen said all the right things which he knew Mackenzie wanted to hear and quickly managed to gain her trust.

It was only at the last minute that Jalen expressed to Mackenzie that he didn't want to rush into anything in their relationship and liked things just the way they were. Although this did raise some red flags in Mackenzie's head, she chose to ignore it. Finally, when it was time for recoupling, Mackenzie shocked fans by deciding to couple up with Jalen, despite knowing he wasn't completely invested in their relationship. Connor, who stayed loyal to her at Casa Amor, was left feeling disappointed and hurt. 

Just as Mackenzie was preparing herself to enjoy being coupled up with Jalen, he completely sidelined her by being around Kierstan Saulter all the time. Kierstan decided to pick her partner Carrington during the recoupling, but Carrington brought in another girl with him from the Casa. So, Kierstan was feeling broken-hearted and Jalen was more than happy to offer his shoulder for her to cry on.

While consoling Kierstan and trying to lift her spirits, he revealed that she is more of "his type". Later in his green room interview, he reveals that he is interested in Kierstan and if an opportunity presents itself he wouldn't hesitate to pursue her. While Jalen is trying to woo and console Kierstan, Mackenzie was feeling insecure by the fact that Jalen was spending more time with Kierstan than her. 

After watching Jalen's sudden interest in Kierstan, fans began feeling that he was playing the "game" to get to Kierstan all along. Many fans were convinced that Jalen used Mackenzie to secure his spot in the villa, only to try pursuing Kierstan, who he is interested in. A fan tweeted, "Lmfaooo Jalen knew he could break up Mackenzie and Connor and made her break up with him, he knew he couldn't break up Carrington and Kierstan so he let him destroy her, man played the game to get the girl and the options he wants #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan wrote, "I fully believe Mackenzie was Jalen’s ticket to stay in the villa. He knew Kierstan wouldn’t choose him so he went for who he could easily draft. Debate me. I wanna hear what you guys think #LoveIslandUSA."





"Sorry but Jalen is the trash one here. He came into the Villa head over heels with Moira, moved to Mackenzie and now he wants Kiersten. He’s coming off like he’s just playing a game #loveislandusa," pointed out a fan. "Jalen played a great game. He got into the Villa with the easiest option, who he initially thought was Moira turned out to be Mackenzie, and now that he’s there he’ll go after who he really wanted, which was Kiersten all along. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," observed a fan.





"#LoveIslandUSA Mackenzie was in the right..She wanted Jalen to spend time w/her.. What's wrong w/that??..Before the recoupling Jalen could've told her he wasn't interested&he really wanted Kierstan...He USED Mackenzie..," expressed a fan. Another fan observed, "Jalen played the long game with Mackenzie and made it in the villa. But his eyes were set on Kristen for the longest. That’s what I feel will play out #LoveIslandUSA."






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