'Love Island': Jalen calls Moira 'most beautiful girl' he's ever seen, amused fans ask if he 'bumped his head'

Fans are having a hard time understanding how Jalen has his sights set on Moira

                            'Love Island': Jalen calls Moira 'most beautiful girl' he's ever seen, amused fans ask if he 'bumped his head'
Moira Tumas and Jalen (CBS)

The opening of Casa Amor has brought in not only new faces into the villa but also new romantic connections. Moira Tumas who is currently coupled up with Calvin Cobb, has just begun to fall in love with him, but thanks to Casa Amor, things might change very soon. While the boys were sent away to Casa, where five new girls are ready to seduce them, the girls back at villa are having their own share of fun with the new guys. 

Five new guys were sent to the 'Love Island' villa to tempt the girls and see if any of them are ready to break their current coupling to get with one of the new islanders. Jalen, one of the new islanders at the villa came in prepared with his eyes set on Moira Tumas. In his introduction clip, he unabashedly declares how Moira and he would make cute babies if they got together. He also explains that he's looking for a woman with substance, someone he can settle down with, and not just continue dating. 

When the guys were introduced to the girls, hostess Arielle Vandenberg, playfully asked the new islanders if they had their eyes on anyone. Jalen quickly jumped in to admit that he had his eyes on Moira and was interested in seeing how things go with her. When Moira heard of Jalen's interest in her, she seemed extremely flattered. When she later sat down to talk to Jalen, she explains to him that although she is coupled up with Calvin, she is ready to give him a fair shot and explore her feelings.

Jalen continues flattering her by saying how she's the most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes on. Although Moira seems to be convinced about Jalen's interest in her and flattered by his compliments, fans don't seem to agree with Jalen. Several fans took to their Twitter to question Jalen's attraction to Moira. A fan tweeted, "Did Jalen bump his head Moira the most beautiful. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland."


Another fan wrote, "Jalen??? What have you been seeing because Moira has been giving us nothing #LoveIslandUSA."


"Jalen said Moira is the most beautiful girl he laid his eyes on... like boy WHAT??!? #LoveIslandUSA," expressed a fan.


"Out of all the girl’s there Jalen really has his eye on Moira? Sir...are we watching the same show? I’m not understanding? #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," wondered a fan.


Many fans are convinced that Jalen is flattering Moira to just get his way into the villa. A fan shared, "Jalen is working overtime to get moira. his a** wants into that villa #LoveIslandUSA."


Another fan declared, "Jalen picked Moira he knows that’s not a stable relationship... bc ain’t no way anyone is finding Moira that interesting #LoveIslandUSA."


"Y’all Jalen is so desperate to stay in the main villa going for Moira taking bout shes the most beautiful girl he’s seen in a long time  #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," observed a fan.


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c on CBS.

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