'Love Island': Carrington 'crawling back' to reconcile with Kierstan after Lauren is eliminated amuses fans

Fans couldn't stop poking fun at Carrington for seeing 'glimmer of hope' with Kierstan now that Lauren is gone from 'Love Island'

                            'Love Island': Carrington 'crawling back' to reconcile with Kierstan after Lauren is eliminated amuses fans
Kierstan Saulter, Carrington Rodriguez and Lauren Coogan (CBS)

Carrington Rodriguez never ceases to amuse 'Love Island' fans. Carrington was happily coupled up with Kierstan Saulter when Lauren Coogan walked into the villa. One look at Lauren and Carrington lost all interest in Kierstan and was onto the new girl.

While Kierstan continued to woo Carrington and tried her best to make their relationship work, Carrington wasn't ready for it. He made several excuses like their lifestyles being different, compatibility and other reasons to not stay coupled up with Kierstan.

Finally, Kierstan had enough of Carrington so she sat him down and had an honest talk with him about their relationship. Carrington then admitted that the spark is gone, and would like to stay friends with her. As hard as it was for Kierstan to hear it, she accepted his suggestion and decides to move on. Meanwhile, Tre Forte, who is coupled up with Lauren realizes that he had a crush on Kierstan and tries to check with Carrington if they can figure something out.

Tre and Carrington agree that they should pursue each other's partners because they might have better chemistry there. Unfortunately, before they could do a mini recoupling of their own, Tre and Lauren were voted off by the islanders after they failed to secure the most compatible couple votes from America. With Lauren out of the picture, Carrington had no choice but to turn to Kierstan.

He sits down with Kierstan and tells her that he sees a "glimmer of hope" for them and would appreciate getting a second chance with her. When fans saw Carrington crawling back to Kierstan after watching how poorly he treated her, they were left feeling amused. A fan tweeted, "As soon as Lauren left the house Carrington realizes he still has feelings for Kiersten? #LoveIslandusa."





"Carrington I guess you love Kirsten again since Lauren is gone #LoveIslandUSA," joked a fan.


"Carrington crawling back to Kierstan back now that Lauren gone lol #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan.


"I like how now that Lauren is gone Carrington sees a 'glimmer of hope' with Kierstan. Very convenient! Let's see what happens in Casa Amor. #LoveIslandUSA," wondered a fan.


'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c on CBS. 

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