'Love Island': Baby Bird challenge amid Covid-19 pandemic leaves fans disgusted, viewers call it 'vomit-tastic'

Disgusted fans request the 'Love Island' showrunners to remove 'baby bird' challenge from the show

                            'Love Island': Baby Bird challenge amid Covid-19 pandemic leaves fans disgusted, viewers call it 'vomit-tastic'
Sher Suarez and Calvin Cobb (CBS)

The challenges on 'Love Island' are designed to help the couples get to know each other better and also to show off their wild side. Generally, fans enjoy watching these fan challenges, but the 'baby bird' challenge in the latest episode left fans feeling disgusted and sick. The baby bird challenge involves the islanders feeding each other the way a mamma bird feeds its baby. The boys picked up stuff with their mouth from an aisle and dropped it into their partner's mouth, who then had to drop off the food in a receptacle placed at the other end. Whoever filled the receptacles the fastest would be declared the winners.

The food items that were "fed" included, milk and cereal, hot dog, chilli and spaghetti. Watching the islanders spit food in each other's mouth is never easy on the eyes, and during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it just made it worse. Many fans called out the showrunners for including such a challenge on the show during the pandemic, when social distancing is the norm.

A fan tweeted, "We’re in the middle of a pandemic and #LoveIslandUSA decided to trigger us all with that baby bird challenge??" Another fan wrote, "I really thought corona would spare us from the super gross baby bird food challenges but nope...DISGUSTING #LoveIslandUSA." "We thought we would get lucky enough to miss the baby bird competition on @LoveIslandUS because of Covid... we were very wrong  #nevergetseasier #LoveIslandUSA," echoed another fan.




Several fans requested the showrunners to remove the "baby bird" challenge from the show's further seasons. A fan commented, "Come on #LoveIsland can we get rid of this awful "baby bird" challenge on all versions of this show. It is vomit-tastic. #loveislandUSA." "If they’re gonna refer to this food comp as a baby bird getting fed, shouldn’t the women be feeding the men? #LoveIslandUSA Also, I don’t really like this competition. Save all that wasted food next time & come up with a new comp," expressed a fan.



Another fan shared, "Why @loveislandusa whyyyyyy do that disgusting grocery store baby bird feeding challenge ?! Literally almost puked watching it...please ...never again #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland." "Dear Love Island Producers, no one and I mean no one enjoys the baby bird challenge. We want the twitter challenge. Thanks! - loyal Love Island Fans #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," pointed out a fan.


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