'Love Island' USA Season 4 on Peacock: Who is Sereniti Springs? Pastor's daughter says she's 'adventurous in bed'

'Love Island' USA Season 4 on Peacock: Who is Sereniti Springs? Pastor's daughter says she's 'adventurous in bed'
'Love Island' Season 4 star Sereniti Springs (Sereniti Springs/ Instagram)

After the raging success of the earlier three seasons, 'Love Island' is back with Season 4, but this time around on Peacock instead of CBS. Being promoted as the hottest season ever, the upcoming season will be featuring ten sexy islanders spending their summer together in a villa competing in naughtier games and steamier challenges, to find their 'true love' and a potential cash prize of $100,000.

With Sarah Hyland as the dating show's new hostess, and Iain Stirling taking on as the witty narrator, get ready to watch these gorgeous singles fall in an out of love. One of these hot singles is none other than a pastor's daughter from New Orleans named Sereniti Springs. Sereniti is hoping to find her "papi" on 'Love Island'. If you're curious to know more about this witty and funny new islander, then keep reading.


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Who is Sereniti Springs?

Sereniti Springs is a 28-year-old bartender from New Orleans. This California native managed to impress fans with her very witty introduction. After sharing that crying is her hobby, Sereniti went on to name Alex Landi as her "celebrity daddy crush." Sereniti further showcased her sassy personality when she revealed her two alter-egos, "Hype Fairy" and "Destiny.

Sereniti revealed that her father is a pastor, before quickly clarifying that she's adventurous in bed. "I'm all about being open about talking about sex, in the name of Jesus, of course," she joked while coyly stating that role play is "kinda cute". She also busted the misconception about her being intimidating. "A lot of people say that I'm intimidating, which I am not intimidating. I'm like the sweetest person ever," she declared.


What is Sereniti looking for in her partner?

"I'm not gonna call you daddy, cause I only call one man daddy, and that's my father. But I'll call you Papi, I'm looking for my Papi," Sereniti shared in her introduction. This Louisiana beauty had had tough luck with love and relationships. She shared that she was previously engaged. Though she didn't divulge any details about her previous partner or why the engagement was called off, she however added that she was done being a "second player" and called herself number one. 


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Love is hard, but if you're looking for a way to Sereniti's heart then you may want to check on your teeth. Nothing turns on Sereniti more than a great set of teeth, she doesn't mind veneers either. "Steve Harvey come bite me!!" she teased in her introduction. Keeping her dental fetish aside, this self-proclaimed cowgirl at heart is looking for a guy who can "blow her boots off!" "I wanna find a man that actually loves me, cause I'm a hoot. Every day I try to learn a new word from the dictionary, and today's new word was tintinnabulation, which means bells ringing. So I'm looking for tintinnabulation so that I can have my Love Island wedding," she explained.

Whether Sereniti finds love on 'Love Island' or not, she's already found love from the show's audience with her vibrant personality.

'Love Island' Season 4 premieres on July 19, 2022, at 9/8c on Peacock. All episodes will be exclusively available to stream on Peacock, with new episodes airing from Tuesday- Sunday, and Saturdays featuring recap episodes with unaired footage.

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