'Love Island': Are Mercades and Johnny officially together? The two end the night with a steamy kiss

'Love Island': Are Mercades and Johnny officially together? The two end the night with a steamy kiss
Mercesdes and Johnny (CBS)

'Love Island' has been testing all the contestants and in the latest episode (September 9), Johnny Middlebrooks had a hard time staying faithful to his partner, Cely Vazquez. Cely and Johnny had everyone fall in love with them after seeing the chemistry between them. However, in Casa Amor, nothing remains the same. 

Just when everyone thought that Cely and Johnny would be the couple that would stick together through the show, they were shocked to find out Mercades Schell sweeping in and making it clear that her eyes are set on Johnny. Mercades is someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and when it came to talking about Johnny, she did not hold back. At the same time, Johnny also hinted that he was drawn to Mercades's personality. Things became intense between them when Johnny was given the dare of letting someone lick cream off his body. He decided to choose Mercades and this did not fit well with the fans. 

Just when one thought things could not get worse, the chemistry between them was hard to ignore when the two sat down together to have a talk. Mercades made it clear that it was hard for her to stay away from Johnny as he was too attractive. Mercades hinted that she wanted Johnny to "explore her". 

However, Johnny stated that he was thinking about Cely and wanted to see where he stands with her. Mercades was not happy about hearing Cely's name and so she distracted him with a steamy kiss. Just when one thought it would be one kiss, Johnny asked Mercades to kiss again. 

Talking to the camera, Mercades hinted that there would be a chance they could end up together because Johnny did not hold back when it came to kissing her. While she thought things were settled and there might be a chance, her thoughts were shattered when the next day Johnny came and spoke to her. 

Johnny thought that Mercades and he had chemistry but their personality was not the same. He felt that his connection with Cely was better. Hearing this, Mercades knew that she could not sit there and wait for Johnny and decided to find a guy that treats her like a queen. 

'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday to Saturday at 9/8c only on CBS.

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