'Love Island': Mackenzie kisses new islander Aaron, fans call her a 'hypocritical h**' for cheating on Connor

Fans aren't pleased with Mackenzie after watching how quickly she went onto kissing other guys during Connor's absence.

                            'Love Island': Mackenzie kisses new islander Aaron, fans call her a 'hypocritical h**' for cheating on Connor
Mackenzie Dipman (CBS)

'Love Island' contestant Mackenzie Dipman is notoriously known for her over the top reactions. The pilot episode of Season 2 saw Mackenzie coupling up with Connor Trott as soon as she laid eyes on him and ever since then, she has attached herself to his hip. Without checking with Connor, Mackenzie decided that they'd made their relationship official. Later, during one of the fun group exercises, when Connor was asked to give a kiss to one of the other girls in the villa, Mackenzie lost her cool.

She couldn't bear to watch her "boyfriend" kiss someone else while she was around. Later, when the audience picked Connor to go on a date with Lauren Coogan, Mackenize blew her top and began questioning why America hated her and why would anybody try to split them up. For the longest time, fans were convinced that Connor was sticking around with her because he was too nice and didn't know how to put her down gently without hurting her. 

So, when Casa Amor finally opened up, many thought that Connor would go wild and have some fun with the girls in the Casa, while Mackenzie continued obsessing over her boyfriend. But fans were surprised when they saw that Connor behaved very well and didn't make any move on any of the girls at the Casa. He even kept mentioning Mackenzie during his green room interviews and admitted that he thought of her a lot while he was at Casa. While Connor seemed to be pining for Mackenzie, our little bombshell let her hair loose and decided to have some fun.

During a game of truth and dare, she ended up kissing a new islander- Aaron. Unlike Connor, she didn't give a simple peck to Aaron, but instead went all out with her kiss. After the kiss, she explained that she did it because Connor expressed to her that he wanted to relax and have some fun in the villa, so she too decided to do the same. After hearing her explanation, fans couldn't help but point out how she was being hypocritical. 

A fan tweeted, "Mackenzie is a hypocritical h** #loveislandUSA."


Another fan wrote, "So Mackenzie did her famous walk off after Conner kissed the girls on the cheek on a DARE but it's okay for her to lick dude's tonsils and try to justify it like she gets a pass. But she made Conner feel like sh*t. Okay, noted. #LoveIslandUSA."



"Also I can’t believe Mackenzie and Connor went through all of that drama just for Mackenzie to casually kiss some guy she just met as if her and Connor had no history. #LoveIslandUSA," commented a surprised fan.



"Funny how Mackenzie is ready to kiss another man but cries when conor kisses justine on the cheek bc of a dare #LoveIslandUSA," pointed out a fan.



"Connor being loyal while Mackenzie said she’s gonna have fun. Now if Connor were to kiss someone else Mackenzie would be crying within 2 seconds upon hearing the news. #LoveIslandUSA," echoed another fan.



'Love Island' Season 2 airs from Monday - Saturday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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