'Love Island' fans label Kyra a 'liar' and 'hypocrite' for manipulating the girls in the villa against Weston

Kyra ruffled a lot of fan feathers on 'Love Island' when she finally shared her version of what went down between Weston and her

                            'Love Island' fans label Kyra a 'liar' and 'hypocrite' for manipulating the girls in the villa against Weston

Weston and Kyra have become controversy's favorite children on CBS's popular reality dating show 'Love Island'. While Weston faced the wrath of fans for being a player, Kyra hasn't been herself since Cashel's departure from the island. On the August 1 episode of 'Love Island', we saw Kyra sharing her two bits about Weston to his current partner, Emily.

She told Emily that Weston was trying to figure out if he could couple up with her (Kyra). The other girls too agreed with Kyra on their opinion of Weston being unreliable and unsure of what he wants in a girl. This conversation with the girls hit close to home for Emily, who was just beginning to bask in the moment of being with Weston. Emily started questioning Weston's intentions and her future on the island after that. She confronted Weston about his behavior. Weston got very defensive and goes to the girls to understand their perspective. But, when all the girls tell Weston that they don't think he is reliable or genuine, he seemed very hurt. 

Fans were quick to point out that Kyra portraying herself as a victim in the situation was uncalled for. A fan commented, "Seriously, Kyra is butt-hurt & jealous bc Emily & Weston are a couple and it's the 1st time she doesn't have anyone chasing her! Weston may be a player, but she's horrible! #loveislandusa". Another fan pointed out the lies that Kyra has been spreading around the villa.

Kyra angers fans with her lies and jealousy on 'Love Island' (Instagram)

"Weston said it was a possibility about him getting with Kyra. But Weston NEVER said "Kyra, I want to be with you". That's just the lie that Kyra heard in her head & has been spreading around the house. #LoveIslandUSA". Another fan chimed in with, "Kyra literally made shit up when talking to the girls. I don’t remember Weston EVER taking initiative to ask how she was feeling. That girl is full of shit and I don’t trust her. GO HOME #LoveIslandUSA".

Fans feel that Kyra's behavior was no different compared to Weston and she was out of line in calling him out. One angry fan wrote, "Kyra bashing Weston when she is literally the female equivalent of Weston is richhh #LoveIslandUSA" while another echoed, "Kyra is an expert in Weston’s behavior because they’re twinsies. Take a look in the mirror, girl. #LoveIslandUSA". 

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