'Love Island': Caleb tells his father Justine is 'the one' for him and 'Jaleb' shippers shed tears of joy

Fans couldn't get enough of the 'wholesome' content that Justine and Caleb delivered on the latest episode of 'Love Island'

                            'Love Island': Caleb tells his father Justine is 'the one' for him and 'Jaleb' shippers shed tears of joy
Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew (Love Island USA/ Twitter)

Justine Ndiba was nothing but a bundle of nerves when she realized that her family would soon be meeting her boyfriend Caleb Corprew. She was worried and anxious about how they would react to him and whether they would even approve of the relationship. Luckily for Justine, turns out she had nothing to worry about, as her mother and sister seemed more than happy with Justine's choice. 

Justine's mother even remarked about how Caleb reminded her of her husband. When it was Caleb's family's turn to meet Justine, they were equally happy and thrilled with the couple. Caleb's father commended him for treating Justine like a queen, while his mother expressed her joy over how beautiful they were together. As the families were happily gushing over each other, Justine politely excused herself so that Caleb's parents could spend some alone time with him.

As soon as Justine left, Caleb's father asked him if he thought Justine was "the one" for him. Before Caleb could even reply, his father admitted that he thought she was but wanted to hear Caleb's thoughts about it. Caleb then carefully worded his response by beginning with how Justine has every quality that he has learned from his parents that he should look for in a partner, and also how she would be his perfect wife, before finally revealing she could be the one. 

After admitting that, Caleb broke into tears while his father appreciated him for being a great role model to young Black men on how they should treat women. Jaleb fans couldn't stop shedding happy tears for the couple. A fan tweeted, "Omgg you guys I’m crying. Jaleb!!!! Omg I can’t. This is too much for me. Caleb said Justine is THE ONE!!! #LoveIslandUSA." Another said, "Justine's mom saying she loves that caleb calls justine queen, the families both saying they love how he treats her, caleb saying justine may be the one #LoveIslandUSA."



Fans too seem convinced that Justine is the one for him. A fan pointed, "Caleb being an Aquarius and breaking down like that in front of Justine being vulnerable is a big thing for Aquarius folks. She must be the one for him. No ifs about it. #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan expressed, "Caleb contemplating on justine being the one with tears in his eyes might be the most wholesome moment i’ve ever seen on love island #LoveIslandUSA."



Several compliments were showered at Caleb for being such an amazing man. A fan shared, "This probably one of my favorite shots of them. Caleb is being so vulnerable with Justine. To see a man, a Black man, vulnerable with his woman on national reality TV is just so pure to me. Props to his parents for raising a amazing young man #LoveIslandUSA." Another said, "Caleb is THAT man. His level of intelligence and emotion is beyond the rest of the boys in the house. No one else is on his level. The way he carries himself and puts Justine on a pedastal is everything. Jaleb is everything I LOVE THEM #LoveIslandUSA."



'Love Island' Season 2 airs every day at 9/8c only on CBS.

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