Love Island might be interfering with your sex life without your knowledge

We all love to watch TV shows with our partners but it might taking a lot from you than you might have expected.

                            Love Island might be interfering with your sex life without your knowledge

'Love Island' has been on the mind of people of Britain ever since it first aired on television and it looks it has been stealing a lot from people and no, we are not talking about time. As it turns out, 'Love Island' has a way of affecting your sex life as well and the reason happens to be the timing of the show when it is aired on television. When you sleep and wake up thinking about what will happen in the next episode of the show, there is barely any time for you to think about anything. According to Metro, a survey of more than 2,000 people by PLSRx revealed that British couples are choosing to watch nightly TV shows such as Love Island over having sex. The survey found that 52% of couples had sex twice a week or less, while nearly two-thirds of the couple managed to occupy themselves with TV shows. 

Meanwhile, a third of the couple said that they were committed to watching at least one TV show together every day.  The research shows that the couples who have been in a longer relationship tend to substitute sex by watching TV shows. While those who have been in a relationship for six months or less spend time having sex. There are also those who have been together for seven to twelve months who believe that exercising together might be the best way to spend some quality time together. 

At the same time, with Netflix and other streaming channels allowing you to watch a show any time you want, it just becomes harder to resist. Now, when one talks about 'Love Island', it is a show that comes out every single day.  So, the chances of you not making time for something which has drama, romance, and fun, becomes impossible. 

If you don't believe us, there are people who think this is apt. Scott McGlynn told the tabloid that there are times when Love Island takes the front seat over sex. "Sometimes we have to miss some sex due to the time schedule," he said. Amy also echoed a similar thought. "Sex with my boyfriend usually happens before bed, but now we’re up for an hour watching Love Island, then we’re spending another hour laughing at Twitter reactions, then we’re too tired to do anything else." 

However, Roi believes that if you are determined, you will find a way to do it. "Hasn’t affected anything. We just do it after," Roi noted. But it is not just the showtime that has an effect on people and their libido. As it turns out, looking at every hot person on the island might make some people insecure about themselves. Blogger Charlie told the tabloid, " There’s not one contestant who is plus size or have a physical impairment," Charlie noted. 

"I’d say that shows like 'Love Island' don’t make me confident in my body let alone undressing it in front of someone," she said. I’d love to say the show makes me feel “confident or sexy” but that would be a lie. "

We should be empowering women not making them feel like they don’t deserve to look this way. I don’t know – I might be the only one with this feeling (I hope not) but we need to see more of a range of these girls on shows like this and celebrate each other’s differences."

Quite often we seem to forget how the things we watch have an impact on us. We may not see it but the signs have always been there. Do you think you are entangled in TV habits that might be wrecking your libido?