'Love Island' fans upset over Yamen still being on the show even after being at risk of elimination twice

Yamen dumped Alana for new girl Christen and since then fans have waited for an opportunity to get him off the show. Despite being at the risk of elimination twice, Yamen has managed to secure his place in the villa, and fans are unhappy about it.

                            'Love Island' fans upset over Yamen still being on the show even after being at risk of elimination twice

‘Love Island’ fans are still seething with anger over what Yamen did to Alana. Yamen got a taste of how America feels about him in the social media bingo game when tweets directed at him called him out on how he treated Alana. So when fans got an opportunity to save their favorite couple on the show, four couples were saved from the elimination, which included fan favorites- Zac and Elizabeth, Dylan and Alexandra. Newly formed couples- Weston- Kelsey and Caro- Ray were also safe.

Fans very hopefully placed Yamen at the bottom hoping to get rid of him, but unfortunately, he was accompanied by two other couples- Kyra- Eric, and Katrina-Cashel. The islanders decided to give the boot to Katrina and Cashel, stating that there was a chance that the other couples might fall in love, but they didn’t see that with Katrina and Cashel, considering how hung up Cashel is still over Kyra, and Katrina hasn’t found any connection in the villa yet. This meant that Yamen was back to safety in the villa. Fans didn’t take too kindly to it.

A fan wrote, “#LoveIsland America: Puts Yamen in the bottom twice in a row and islanders are told by America he did Alana dirty, Kyra is stone cold and Katrina deserves better. Islanders: We are sending home Cashel and Katrina.” Another fan pointed out, “The point of love island is for them to find love. I feel like Katrina and Winston should’ve stayed because they didn’t really have a fair chance. Yamen had 3 chances. It was time for him to go. They need to change the rules #LoveIslandUSA”.

Fans are upset that Yamen keeps getting a chance to find his way back to safety in the villa, while other islanders who were genuinely looking for love are given the boot before they even get a chance to explore or form connections in the villa.

Aissata and Yamen on 'Love Island' (Twitter)

Fans are already speculating the end of Yamen and Aissata’s connection as soon as new girls enter the villa. A fan tweeted, “Narrator: what will happen when the new arrivals rock the villa? Aissata will find out what it was like to be Alana after Yamen disposed of her #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA”.

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