Love Island: Things set to get heated up as Ellie Brown and Zara McDermott enter show

Love Island: Things set to get heated up as Ellie Brown and Zara McDermott enter show
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Ellie Brown and Adam Collard are tipped to clash on 'Love Island', as it was revealed the contestants already know each other. Ellie, who is a new on the show, entered the villa on Sunday, but she already has a connection to fellow contestant Adam, who hails from Newcastle.

Adam is reportedly Claudia's ex, who is Ellie's friend and Adam dumped Claudia in a pretty heated episode. Fans are expecting a lot of drama after her entry. Will they have a showdown? Time will tell. One user commented, "So Ellie the new girl and Adam already know each other... that'll be fun to see." Another fan tweeted, "So Adam already knows the new girl Ellie coming in. BRING ON THE DRAMA yes pls."

A third fan chimed in, "So apparently Adam and Ellie already know each other.. this could be interesting." Yes, it could. Ready for the "theatrics" another one said, "So Adam already knows the new girl Ellie. I'm ready for the theatrics."

Adam also follows Ellie on Instagram, indicating that the two may have known each other from Newcastle and that there may have been a past between the two. There is also speculation that Adam may dump Rosie Williams and get with newbie Zara. In the trailer for the next episode, Ellie is heard saying, "I could fall in love with a piece of bread if it said something nice to me." She added, "If you treat me badly, I will make your life hell." 


Zara McDermott, who is from Essex, is also an addition to the show along with Ellie. The 21-year-old who works a government job, in the trailer said that she was a true beauty with brains and that if anyone judged her for looking too "shallow" they were wrong. She added that she was looking for a man who only has to "have the looks", to win her over. 

The show, on its fourth season, is hosted by British radio host Caroline Flack. It is a dating show where single people come onboard to find their true love. The contestants are sent off to live a life of luxury as they battle it out to find their ultimate mate.

Throughout the series, Caroline "drops in unannounced to deliver shock twists and surprise announcements that will test the relationships between the Islanders," says the show's description. If the couples want to continue their summer quest, they must find their pairs and bear it all together so that they can stay in the villa and win the competition. The show first aired in 2015.


Adam has been intimate with Rosie recently on the show. During a conversation on the show with her friends, she reportedly said, "Adam and I took it to the next level last night we didn't have sex but things happened. I don't even care and it's a natural thing. I've been seeing someone all day every day."

She told the Islanders later, "I felt it was right for me. We did take things a little further. It's a natural thing that humans were made to do." Adam later told Jack Fincham about his "release", saying, "Mate we didn’t even need the hideaway. Out it this way blue b***s are released."

Rose had earlier said that she would never get frisky in front of the camera. However, Adam seems to have changed her mind. The 26-year-old solicitor said that she "did stuff with Adam a bit last night". On the other hand, Adam hinted that he may just be into new girl Zara. 


He admitted his attraction, saying that, "I'm not going to beat around the bush. Zara fits the type of girl that I do fancy, so I would be lying if I said that she wasn’t an attractive girl. Zara is a very attractive girl, yes. But I would say it was very early to say that Rosie would have anything to worry about."

Very early, huh? Wonder what Rosie Williams would think about that. 

At the same time, Zara has also said that she found Adam quite "fit". She also spoke to Adam and said that she doesn't back away from a challenge and isn't afraid that he has Rosie for now.

"I like a challenge anyway. If you want to be nice, then you're on the wrong show," she said.

In a sneak peek from tonight's episode, Rosie grabs Adam when he and Zara are talking. The newcomers are to be welcomed in the villa by the girls. Rosie's actions do not go unnoticed by Zara. "That was a cold reception," she tells Ellie, "Rosie grabbed onto Adam and wouldn't let go of him. I think it was very territorial."


Stefflon Don, who was a guest on the show commented that it was like primal warfare.

"They came in baring teeth, none of them were happy."

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