'Love Island' episode 20: These three heartwarming moments from the show will have you rooting for these couples all over again

As the countdown to finale of 'Love Island' has begun, the couples have started getting a lot more closer. Here is the list of top 3 heart-warming moments from episode 20 of 'Love Island'.

                            'Love Island' episode 20: These three heartwarming moments from the show will have you rooting for these couples all over again

As the finale is inching closer, the islanders are getting more serious about each other. In the episode that aired on August 5, there were many heartwarming moments that made us feel all kinds of mushy. Here are the top 3 heart-warming moments:
Cashel surprises Kyra with his visit



The episode opened with the elimination of a couple from the island, based on audience voting. Kyra and her current partner Jered got the least number of votes and therefore must leave the island. This otherwise sad scenario turned around when host Arielle receives a video text from Cashel (Kyra’s former partner on the Island) expressing how much he misses Kyra. Kyra was over the moon with the surprise and couldn’t wait to reach out to Cashel as soon as she stepped out of the villa. Kyra immediately calls up Cashel and asks him if he would like to catch up with her as soon as she’s back home, Cashel readily agrees to it, and surprises her by calling her and asking if she would to go out. Cashel was missing Kyra so much that he flew back to Fiji to see her! We just couldn’t stop grinning at how happy and beautiful the couple looked. A fan commented “I'm totally swooning over Kyra and Cashel. So freaking excited about them!! #LoveIslandUSA”.
Dylan and Alexandra make it official

Dylan and Alexandra make their relationship official (Instagram)

It was only a matter of time before this cute couple made things official. The fan-favorite couple has everybody rooting for them to win the show. The chemistry between them is just electric and the fact that they both are so happy around each other just fills our heart. In the episode, they are seen going on a dreamy date on a helicopter to a secluded island. The couple soon started discussing their relationship and feelings. Dylan expressed about how comfortable and at ease he felt around our girl, Alex, and before we realized it he asked her to be his girlfriend. Alex happily agreed to it, and we just couldn’t stop shedding happy tears. “Dylan and Alexandra are so cute I can't take it. #LoveIslandUSA”, wrote a fan.
Zac and Elizabeth

Zac and Elizabeth share their feelings with each other (Instagram)


Zac and Elizabeth are the OG couple of the show. They were the first to make their relationship official, so it didn’t surprise us much when they said the L-word to each other. On their beautiful date on the deck of a boat, Zac bared his heart to Elizabeth. Elizabeth in turn also shared a sweet story with him. She shared that growing up her father used to squeeze her palm thrice to tell her he loved her, and Elizabeth revealed that she had been doing the palm squeezing thing to Zac for a while now. Just when we thought this couple couldn’t get any cuter, they go ahead and prove us wrong.
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