Fresh batch of singletons return to Love Island seeking their mates

Meet the new batch of contestants of Love Island as a fresh batch of singles search for true love and relationships

                            Fresh batch of singletons return to Love Island seeking their mates
Megan Barton Hanson, Wes Nelson, Georgia Steel, Dani Dyer, Jack Fincham, Laura Anderson, Paul Knops, Samira Mighty, Josh Denzel, Kaz Crossley and Alex George (Source: Getty Images)

Looks like it is going to be one heck of a summer as a fresh batch of singletons return to Love Island looking for their matches.

Caroline Flack will once again preside over the matchmaking as the luxury Love Island villa welcomes a new generation of islanders ready to embark on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately relationships. Every few days the Islanders will have to couple up with those not in a couple or risk being dumped from the island.

The path to true love will not be easy and is expected to be full of twists and turns. Caroline will get the exclusive reaction to all the dates, the dumpings and the dramas that follow in Love Island’s studio show Love Island: Aftersun. Ultimately the couples must win over the hearts of the public, who will have the final say on who wins the show and takes home a lucrative cash prize. 

Meet the contestants of Love Island below in their own words.

Caroline Flack

For me, all three series have been special. The momentum has picked up as it’s gone along, which is always nice to see in a series. I don’t think any series has been more special than another. I still have a special place in my heart for series one. Last year, we reached a bigger audience across different ages. I think people started realizing the show is a lot more than what it might seem on the surface. People have realized it’s so much more than just being another reality show. It’s about real relationships and how they develop and people always see a bit of themselves in everyone.

Laura Anderson

I live in Dubai and I’m also Scottish. I’m also probably a bit older than the other girls. In some ways it’s an advantage being older as I’m wiser and know what I want more so I can judge people quicker. I’m a nice but exciting girl and hopefully, I’m not the same as anyone else. I don’t look like I have tattoos either, but I do.

Dani Dyer

I want my boyfriend to be my best friend as well. I’ve been single for two years -I’ve never used a dating app, it’s usually been people I’ve met through friends. I am a girly girl. Having a friendship with a girl in the villa is just as important as finding romance. You’re going to need that. It’s very important, particularly as you’ll be missing your friends on the outside. If the situation arises when a new boy comes in, I won’t be playing games. If a boy plays two of us off against each other, I will say ‘you know what mate, leave it.’ To me, I would rather be friends with the girls. I’m done with games, you do that enough on the outside.

Hayley Hughes

I want someone with a nice personality who knows how to treat a girl. I want the package, not just someone with good looks. If he can make me laugh, that’s a big thing. I didn’t really have anything in common with my ex-boyfriend. I’ve learned a lesson from my last relationship not to just go for looks. Obviously though when you’re in love you think the person is amazing.

Kendall Rae-Knight

I would say I’m in a different stage of my life to anyone else. This time last year I was in a five-year relationship, I was engaged, had a house, and I was all settled down ready to have children. He proposed in the June and then three months later said he didn’t love me anymore. He left. Now, seven months down the line, I feel like I’m ready to move on and start dating.

Samira Mighty

I’m looking for an experience that I’ve never had before, loads of fun, the opportunity to meet a really nice guy, or even a best friend, and the chance to find myself. I haven’t had the chance to have a proper Summer break before because I’ve been doing long contracts in West End shows like Mamma Mia and Dreamgirls. I have the whole days free, when everyone is at work, then work in the evenings, so I haven’t really had the chance to meet anyone.

Niall Aslam

I am going in there and I want to find love. I don’t care who a lad is if he is big, better looking, I’m still going in there and I’ll still rock up and try and chat up his missus. I wouldn’t say I’m a windup, I just don’t really think about consequences. Some people might see massive guys happy with their girl and not want to rock the boat but I will try it. What’s the worst that can happen?!

Eyal Booker

Friendship comes with time and is a huge thing to me. I don’t think you can really establish a friendship from the get go but I’d like to make some great guy friends in the villa. I would preferably not like to go against them but at the end of the day, this is about finding love.

Adam Collard

The way I look makes me stand out a lot. I’m alright looking and tall. I stick out like a sore thumb quite a lot of the time because I’m big, I’m funny when you get to know me whereas people usually expect me to be serious.

Jack Fincham

I like being comforted and I like being able to talk to someone. I want to find someone who I’m comfortable with who I can talk to. My ideal date would be going out for a drink and getting to know each other, having a laugh, having a dance.

Dr. Alex George

As a person I am very high energy, I’m very driven and motivated and the work that I do shows that I like to achieve. I think some people would think I’m crazy coming on Love Island, it’s completely different to working as an A&E Doctor but at the end of the day, it’s a great opportunity and I think ‘why not, let’s just go for it!’

Wes Nelson

I’m looking for a partner, I’m looking for someone I can settle down with and tame my wild lifestyle. I am 20 years old but I’d say I am ahead of my age in terms of maturity and in terms of who I am and my mannerisms. I don’t thin k I’d be childish in there. I consider myself a mature person so definitely looking for something serious.