'Love Island' fans warn Aissata to stay away from Yamen after he dumped Alana for Christen

Yamen drew a lot of flak from fans after he dumped Alana for Christen. Now he is showing interest in new islander, Aissata, and fans are not having it

                            'Love Island' fans warn Aissata to stay away from Yamen after he dumped Alana for Christen

The new islanders from episode 10 on July 23, have certainly managed to shake things up. Just before their arrival, the drama between Yamen and Alana went down. To give you a quick refresher: fans were rooting for Alana and Yamen to take off as a happy couple.

However, Yamen dumped Alana for new girl Christen. Fans were very unhappy with Yamen's decision and they voted Yamen and Christen as one of the couples with the least chemistry in the house. This led to OG islanders giving the boot to Christen. Yamen got very upset with Christen’s departure. Just as fans were feeling like they got their revenge on Yamen by voting out his "new-found love" Christen off the island, they were in for another rude shock.

Among the six new islanders who entered the villa looking for love, one girl Aissata took an immediate interest in him.

During a game of truth and dare, Aissata gets a dare and she is asked to kiss the boy who she wants to have sex with. Aissata immediately discloses that she practices celibacy, but if she had to pick a guy it would be Yamen. Later Aissata asks Yamen out on a beach date. Yamen proudly shares to the cameras that he thought he wouldn’t be able to form any connections after Christen but is now open (to Aissata).

Fans were quick to advise Aissata to stay as far away from Yamen as possible, after what he did to Alana. A fan wrote, "Aissata needs to get away from Yamen. Some of us are not feeling him after what happened to Alana. #LoveIslandUSA."

Another concerned fan commented about Yamen's playboy behavior, "Been enjoying the show. Yaman hurt Alana but she was too young for him. Aissata needs to really think about his maturity cause I don't know if he will really wait for sex. Be careful Aissata!!" An angry fan tweeted, “Can you please ban yamen from ruining any more black girls lives PLEASE AISSATA RUN PLEASE."

Fans seem concerned about Aissata's decision to know Yamen better, considering his rocky past with Alana. Do you feel that Aissata needs to stay away from Yamen or think Yamen will be mature enough to treat Aissata with respect, let us know? You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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