‘Love Island’ America Season 1 finale: The top three couples have been named and fans are not holding back

'Love Island' fans had pretty strong views about the top three couples on the finale episode of season 1. Read on to know what fans thought of each of these couples.

                            ‘Love Island’ America Season 1 finale: The top three couples have been named and fans are not holding back

On the season 1 finale of ‘Love Island’, the top three couples fought it out to get a shot at finding love and the $100,000 prize. So, when the audience was given a chance to pick their favorite couple for winning the show, fans were divided between who to pick.

While the OG couple Zac and Elizabeth were at the top, there was a lot of buzz around Dylan and Alexandra and new favorite couple Ray and Caro.

Caro & Ray with host Arielle (Instagram)

So, when it was announced that Ray and Caro came in third, many fans were disappointed because they felt that the couple deserved second place at least. In the previous voting, this couple received the highest number of votes from viewers.

So, it took everybody by surprise when they came in third.

A fan tweeted, “Ray and Caro should have won tonight on #LoveIslandUSA. Y'all keep saying Caro "was loopy and went through mad guys" blah blah blah..she was just trying to find her connection! Y'all don't say anything about Weston’s ass.”

Dylan and Alexandra with host Arielle (Instagram)

Dylan and Alexandra’s relationship unfolded before our eyes through the course of the show. We saw them getting closer with  Dylan teaching Alexandra to love and accept herself.

Their adorable chemistry and goofiness won several fans. But sadly, the fans were divided about the couples securing second place in the finale.


While several fans felt that Dylan and Alexandra deserved to win the show, many others felt that the couple didn’t have that connection and shouldn’t have even gotten the second place.

Zac and Elizabeth, the winners of 'Love Island' (Instagram)

Fan-favorite couple Zac and Elizabeth won the show and the $100,000!! Most fans were very happy with the couple winning this season. Their relationship was so pure and drama-free. They had eyes only for each other and were together the entire season. So, naturally, they managed to amass a pretty strong fan base for their relationship. Many fans expressed their joy over the couple’s winning. A fan wrote, “I'm beyond happy for Zac & Elizabeth, they deserved to win because they've been together since day one and even their parents knew from the beginning they belong together. #LoveIslandUSA”. Another fan commented, “ZAC AND ELIZABETH JUST WON LOVE ISLAND AND MY HEART IS FULL- #LoveIslandUSAFinale #loveislandusa”.

What do you think of the winning couples? Who is your favorite couple? Let us know.

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