Love Island Australia premieres but audience screams 'plastic' and 'fake' on seeing new cast

Love Island Australia gets slammed by viewers as a show of 'fake, Barbie and Ken dolls'. The people seem to be unhappy with the contestants' extremely made up appearances

                            Love Island Australia premieres but audience screams 'plastic' and 'fake' on seeing new cast
Caste of Love Island (Source:Getty Images)

After taking over the UK by storm, Love Island was all set to do the same in Australia. The show was going to make its debut in the country this weekend with the same plotline as the British version. The show revolves around five women and five men who have been sent to a villa in Mallorca to find love. While the show seems interesting, people were not so happy with the contestants. 

Many people thought that the contestants looked unrealistic. Some people started questioning on why they would have made the decision to appear on the show. "Fair to say that all contestants have failed at the adult film industry & are looking at their next best option," one viewer tweeted. While another said, "This is a collection of the worst people on earth." 

Some even questioned the extent of plastic surgery all of them have had. "Is it just me or does Love Island seem really fake in every sense?! What’s with the constant zooming in on boobs and butts?! Plastic, fake, Barbie and Ken dolls? Tv is really getting desperate for new reality shows! Blah!" read another comment. 

Meanwhile, there were a few who thought they had the perfect tagline to describe the show. "Welcome to Love Island where the tits are fake but the STD’s are real," commented one. While another noted, "One minute. That's all it took to confirm that this mob of vacuous, plastic people are part of the worst dross to hit TV screens, ever! It lasted a full minute because I couldn't find the remote."

While people may not have been happy about Love Island Australia, they sure have Love Island UK to look forward to which is all set to premiere on Monday, June 4. A whole new pool of contestants will be appearing on the show after being selected from Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram. They are all set to fly out to Mallorca over the next few days for the show. 

However, it is likely that some of them won't even know that they have been selected for the show until a day before their flight is set to leave. Meanwhile, others would have already been selected by the showrunners, while some would have applied online.