Netflix's dating reality show 'Love Is Blind' has been a huge hit and the consistent social media buzz around it is proof of that. It's almost been a month since all ten episodes have been released, but viewers have continued to discuss it online. 

The producers have taken a hint and are already thinking of returning with Season 2. Creator Chris Coelen confirmed that the team is talking about it but there's nothing set in stone yet.

Meanwhile, fans are thrilled about the upcoming season, with some even enquiring about how to be a part of the show. There are two things that one needs to keep in mind if he/she wishes to find love in the next season.

Firstly, they'd have to be in the same city as the shooting location, Decider reported. For Season 1, the singletons were from Atlanta. Being in one city helps individuals meet up and know more about each other. That way, participants are one step closer to finding actual, real love than face uncertainty by being in a long-distance relationship. 

Secondly, one has to keep checking up on two very important sites that share regular updates on casting — and Kinetic Content's Facebook page. The first link is unavailable at the moment because the team is yet to finalize on the next season.

Meanwhile, fans couldn't be more thrilled about the possibility of 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 and have shared their preferences for it. 

"I did enjoy season 1 of Love is Blind, BUT I hope to see people of different sizes, and more people of color in season 2 #LoveIsBlind," a fan shared, while another wrote: "Idea: Season 2 #LoveIsBlind throw in a couple 300 pounders one man one woman and let's have some fun when the doors open after someone proposes @netflix??"

"Diamond & Carlton could’ve worked out but they had some many problems of thir own. They just weren’t ready to be with someone. & those are my thoughts. Only took me almost 24 hours to finish the whole season but I’m ready for season 2  #LoveIsBlind #InsideOfLife #Unfiltered," a viewer expressed. 

Catch all the episodes of 'Love Is Blind' on Netflix.

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