'Love Is Blind': Why is Jessica finding it hard to develop physical intimacy with Mark?

On their vacation in Mexico, Jessica told Mark that she found Barnett attractive

                            'Love Is Blind': Why is Jessica finding it hard to develop physical intimacy with Mark?
Mark, Jessica (Netflix)

Netflix's newest reality dating show is a major social experiment that could make or break lives. A handful of single men and women interact with each other as if it were a date trying to figure if the other person is a match for marriage. The twist is, they'll be holed up in two different pods separated by a screen and be able to communicate only by using mics embedded in their spaces. By the end of a few dates, they'll have to propose and then see where it leads them. The couples, if all goes well, will get four weeks to prepare for their wedding. 

The streaming giant has dropped 5 of the 10 episodes and it's addictive. So far, six ouples have made it out of the pods engaged and are shown to navigate the extent of their relationship in Cancun, Mexico where they spent a couple of days without any social media influence or distractions from the real world. Even though this break has helped most couples, for some it was more of a reality check, especially for Jessica (34) and Mark (24), who have been struggling to connect on the physical level. 

The two were able to establish an emotional connection while at the pods despite having a 10-year age gap, but Jessica has been having trouble trying to mesh the in-the-pod Mark and out-of-pod Mark. Left to her, Jessica would never pick Mark if it were the real world but she doesn't deny that there's something special about their relationship. However, she is yet to feel what she's supposed to feel around a fiance. 

Jessica and Mark have a long-drawn conversation about how she is finding it difficult to be with him on the same page with regard to the physical intimacy of their relationship. She even once said that Barnett was attractive for her (Barnett, during one of the pod dates, said he loves her). One could see Jessica was hung up on Barnett and Mark could feel but he wasn't ready to let go of her even when she had taken her engagement ring off and had said that she wouldn't want to meet his family. 

There are a bunch of red flags in this pair's relationship, but Mark's willingness to make it work could just help them stay afloat. But for how long? Time will tell. 

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