'Love is Blind': Fans say Mark is Joe Goldberg of 'You' who has trapped Jessica by being nice

While Jessica talks about their future lives and kids, Mark is seen to be surprisingly okay with the idea of having all of that at twenty-four

                            'Love is Blind': Fans say Mark is Joe Goldberg of 'You' who has trapped Jessica by being nice
Mark Anthony Cuevas and Jessica Batten (Netflix)

Mark Anthony Cuevas, 24, and Jessica Batten, 34, of 'Love is Blind' never got their happily ever after but no one really knows why. Of-course Jessica had an issue with Mark being ten years younger than him and also how she was never able to match the personality she dated in the pods and the one she interacted with later, but what after that?

During their time in Cancun, Mexico, while other couples were making some sort of effort to take their connection a step forward, Jessica was seen struggling to look at Mark being topless around her. She made it very clear that they'd have to wait before their's can be a physically fulfilling relationship. Mark was okay with it because he wanted to give Jessica space and wanted her to know that he kept her comfort and choices above.

But Jessica was too hung up on Matt Barnett, the person she was hoping to get engaged to. She even told Kelly Chase that if not Mark, it would have been Matt for her for sure. By the end of their vacation, Jessica was ready to give up on them and had even taken off her ring. Mark was heartbroken and teary-eyed but didn't confront Jessica for once. Instead, he tried to understand her point of view. 

However, she changed her mind by the time they arrived in Atlanta and willfully moved in with Mark in their new apartment where they had a very important discussion about their future and babies. Jessica asked Mark how he felt about having babies in the next two years and then added how they would be 50 and 40, respectively, when their kid would be 14 years old. 

Mark was surprisingly okay with the idea of having kids. He assured Jessica that he wasn't an "average" 24-year-old adding that he has partied and had fun but at the same time is also ready for the next phase of his life. 

Later, when Jessica was meeting with Mark's parents, she pointed out to his mother that she wouldn't want Mark to give up on his life by marrying this early because her life was completely different when she was her age. However, Mark's parents too thought when it's right it's right. 

Meanwhile, fans are calling Mark the Joe Goldberg of 'You' and they have some valid reasons too.

"I get way more Joe vibes from Mark. He nearly made up an entire relationship with Jessica in his head," a viewer wrote, while another shared: "Yes! Mark totally refused to really hear her. Or notice her body language. There wasn’t any reading between the lines with him. There’s a point where it was willfully obtuse in order to convince her the relationship would work. It was almost as unbalanced as her emotions were."

Online users have one common opinion: Mark was being too nice and while at it, he was conveniently ignoring what Jessica had to say. "Yes! And manipulative. Like coercing someone into staying with you. And being so “nice” that they’re trapped or obligated to stay. It’s disturbing actually," another user pointed. 

Catch all the episodes of 'Love is Blind' on Netflix now. The streaming giant will also air a reunion special episode on its YouTube channel on March 5. 

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