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'Love Is Blind': Fans want Mark to be a 'cub' and try his luck with cougars in spin-off edition of 'The Bachelor'

In 'Love Is Blind' Mark had a 10 year age gap with Jessica, which ultimately worked against him
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
Mark Anthony Cuevas (Netflix)
Mark Anthony Cuevas (Netflix)

'Love Is Blind' couple Mark Anthony Cuevas and Jessica Batten were 10 years apart and that worked against them.

Even though Jessica was able to get a grip on their age difference, especially after discussing with her friends how Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 37, and Nick Jonas, 27 pulled it off, it nagged at her and that remained a strong reason for her to say no to Mark at the altar. 

Interestingly, the age gap never worked Mark up. He always showed interest in exploring any given situation with an open mind.

This one time, the couple were discussing having kids and it did not lead anywhere because Jessica had set ideas about the subject. She had asked Mark what he felt about having kids in the next two years and added how they would be in their 50s and 40s, respectively, when their kid would be 14 years old. Mark was surprisingly okay with it and was ready to have kids. But Jessica wasn't sure if someone like Mark, who says yes to everything and is sure of so much, was the right person for her. 

Amusingly, fans now want Mark to give another shot at love and make an appearance in the next season of 'The Bachelor,' in which the women should age between 35 to 55-years-old. 

"Like the title says, it would be hilarious to see a reality show where Mark is a cub and a bunch of cougars pursue him. In the end, he could only have one and he will have to see if she is as amazing as mommy," a fan shared on Reddit. "lmao he might fall in love with all of them tho or worse... pull a peter and still be in love with Jessica. and then, in the end, have top 2 who are similar to her," another shared hinting how Mark would probably never get over Jessica. 

Even during the 'Love Is Blind' reunion episode, Mark dropped enough and more hints about how he was still sort of into Jessica. He said he respected Jessica and was still waiting to polish off the Italian beef she had promised to cook for him.

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