'Love & Hip Hop' star Moniece Slaughter says baby daddy Lil' Fizz did not pay child support for over 10 years

In a recent interview, Moniece dished on her ongoing struggle over custody of her child with her baby daddy Lil' Fizz

                            'Love & Hip Hop' star Moniece Slaughter says baby daddy Lil' Fizz did not pay child support for over 10 years
Moniece Slaughter and Lil' Fizz (Getty Images)

Moniece Slaughter bid adieu to the 'Love & Hip Hop' franchise earlier this year after appearing on Season 6 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'. Her final season saw her locking horns with her baby daddy Lil' Fizz and his new girlfriend Apryl Jones over the custody of their son. While Fizz felt that he should get complete custody of their son until Moniece addresses her mental health issues, she felt that their child shouldn't be exposed to Apryl and made to pick sides between her and Apryl.

The season ended with fans fuming at Fizz and Apryl over their callous behavior towards Moniece. Although Moniece left the show, the drama continued to follow her. During an appearance on 'The Domenick Nati Show', she spilled the beans on Fizz and Apryl. She explained how Fizz had never paid child support for their child in over 10 years.

"The father of my child is never going to tell the public that I'm actually a very unproblematic baby mama. I don't receive child support, I've never asked for it, I've never filed for it. I didn't take him to court, he took me to court. My son is 10 going on 11 and I've received a 10 pack of diapers and $100 in all 10 years," said Moniece.

She even accused Fizz's former girlfriend Apryl of teaching their son "how to lie". In the same interview, she also touched upon her relationship with Shaquille O'Neal. Moniece revealed that she was in a relationship with the NBA legend for nearly a year between 2011-2012. When Domenick asked Moniece who her favorite date was among the many men she dated, she replied with Shaq's name.

She described their brief relationship as "fun". "I enjoyed dating Shaq the most. That was a fun time in my life." When Domenick kept asking Moniece to tell more about her relationship with Shaq, she said he had a "good size penis". "I mean, he himself is huge and I'm 5'2'', so... he's 7'1''. So we had to get a little creative at times. That was a fun time in my life."

She also went on to add that he had the perfect penis, "I've never seen one shaped so properly." Things got a bit steamy when she revealed that he ate her vagina "very very well", but didn't "destroy" it. Unfortunately, their "fun" relationship came to an end after she questioned him about his infidelity. Moniece also claimed that Shaq offered to pay to take Fizz to court and fight for sole custody of their child.

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