'Love & Listings': Samantha causes a rift between Zac and his girlfriend Kat, but he's confident he won't let her ruin his relationship

Zac's new girlfriend Kat of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' is unhappy about Zac and Samantha's proximity on VH1's 'Love & Listings'.

                            'Love & Listings': Samantha causes a rift between Zac and his girlfriend Kat, but he's confident he won't let her ruin his relationship

Haven’t we all grown up hearing never mix work with pleasure? Well, Samantha appears to not have heard it. She persisted in pursuing her ex-boyfriend Zac, who she dated for literally a hot minute and now they are just co-workers. Things, however, got ugly when Zac overheard Sam gossiping about Zac’s new girlfriend to her girlfriends. Zac then humiliated Samantha by making a below the belt comment about their relationship in the past.

It is later revealed that Zac is dating ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ star Katrina or Kat as she is popularly known. In the previous episode, we were introduced to the couple and Zac expressed how difficult he is finding to make his long-distance relationship work. In the same episode, we saw Samantha asking Zac where his mysterious girlfriend was that evening. Zac snapped at her as he revealed that she was out of town. Partly in jest and partly out of spite Samantha made the outrageous statement that she could have Zac if she wanted. Zac gets triggered and reminded Samantha that she couldn’t even get his d*** h***.

The next day, Zac gets in on a video call with his girlfriend Kat and relays the events from the previous evening to her. A visibly upset Kat conveys to him that he could have handled the situation better by not engaging in the petty bickering with Sam. She also shared that she isn’t happy that his ex is around him all the time, although she is trying her best to be open and lenient, she is just not happy with Zac and Sam’s proximity.

Zac tries convincing Kat that she has nothing to worry about and that he was very happy with her, but Kat didn’t seem like she was buying it. In the confessional, he is heard saying that Samantha has successfully managed to come in between him an Kat, but later he reassured everybody that he wouldn’t let Sam have her way.



Fans have also supported Zac and Kat’s relationship and feel that Sam’s behavior was immature and out of line. A fan who seemed be rooting for Zac and Kat wrote, “I think Zac and Kat can get over this. Yes, Sam does have feelings for Zac. After Zac told Sam he had a girlfriend, things went different. Sam better get over this. It is what is it. I would not be worried or mad.”

Love & Listings airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on VH1.

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