'Love & Listings' Season 2 Finale: Jacob's obsession with Knight family 'legacy' has fans calling him 'big baby'

Fans have had enough of Jacob going on and on about his incarcerated father Suge Knight and their family legacy

                            'Love & Listings' Season 2 Finale: Jacob's obsession with Knight family 'legacy' has fans calling him 'big baby'
Jacob Knight and Suge Knight (Getty Images)

'Love & Listings' fans have had enough of Jacon Suge Knight and his obsession with his family legacy. When we first saw Jacob on Season 1 of 'Love & Listings', we saw him constantly talk about his father Suge Knight. Initially, fans felt bad for Jacob and thought that maybe he was just missing his father and that's why he was talking so much about him. But as the name dropping continued, fans started to feel irritated.

Finally in Season 2 when Jacob was shown having a baby, fans hoped that he would finally stop declaring that he was Suge Knight's son in every frame and focus on his career and raising his baby instead. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Jacob forced the family legacy narrative even in the second season as he continued to constantly talk about his incarcerated father. 

In one of the episodes, he even accused his former boss of using his family name to promote business. When fans saw Jacob speaking so much about his family's legacy and father, they began calling him out. A fan tweeted, "The only thing Jacob living up to is the legacy of having children by women he don’t even love. That’s the only thing I see 'Suge' like. #LoveAndListings."


Another fan wrote, "Jacob talks more about ppl using his dad's name and legacy for clout more than anybody so-called actually doing so. This storyline has been OLD! #LoveAndListings."


"AFTER THOUGHT... WannaBe Suge... Jacob in the beginning you wanted to make your own legacy... oh well if we kickin' ballistics... you probably wouldn't even have been on #LoveAndListings if it wasn't for you being thee Suge Knight's son...frfr," pointed out another fan.


"I just need Jacob to get a new agenda for season 3. The legacy and Suge being locked up is enough. #LoveAndListings," expressed a fan.


"A 'Suge Knight' legacy???? #GTFOH #LoveAndListings Jacob was the main reason i stopped watching this dumb a** show all together! He acts like such a brat!!!! Big baby!!!!," shared a fan.


"One would think Jacob would try to build his own legacy, instead of trying to be his father #LoveAndListings," joked a fan.


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