'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood': Moniece and Apryl put aside their differences and become 'sister-wives', but the drama is far from over

'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Moniece decided to extend an olive branch to former partner Fizz's new rumored partner Apryl on the second episode of the show. Fans, however, are very skeptical of this new friendship

                            'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood': Moniece and Apryl put aside their differences and become 'sister-wives', but the drama is far from over

Moniece has become a melting pot of sorts for all the drama on VH1’s hit reality show 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'. The feisty diva also happens to be rapper Fizz's baby mamma. Moniece and Fizz called it quits a while ago, but they continue to struggle co-parenting their son Kam. Apryl Jones, the former partner of B2K’s lead singer Omarion found herself right in the center of the Moniece-Fizz drama when she and Fizz start getting close following her split with Omarion.

While there have been many rumors flying around that Fizz and Apryl are together, the couple has always maintained the stance that they were nothing more than "best friends". Moniece, however, wasn't buying that story. The couple then went on a vacation with Kam without seeking permission from Moniece. This triggered Moniece to launch a social media slander attack on Apryl.

In the video that went viral, Moniece can be seen referring to Apryl as a prostitute and bad-mouthing her for being with Fizz and getting in the way between her and Kam. The relationship between both women seemed beyond repair until Apryl decided to meet Moniece and have a discussion with her. The two met and apologized to each other and hugged it all out. However, in the confessional, Apryl reveals that she doesn’t believe that the drama between her and Moniece has ended yet.

Moniece (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images) and Apryl (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)


Just as she predicted, Moniece invited Apryl to her recording studio and asks Apryl to join her on a tour. Apryl was caught off-guard by Moniece’s strange request and tells her that she would like to take some time to think things through. Fizz's ex then takes things up a notch and suggests that Apryl and she are like "sister-wives".

Everybody around them is very amused and skeptical of their new friendship. Fellow castmate K Michelle tells the girls that she doesn't think it's a good idea for them to tour together. Even Fizz burst out laughing when Apryl told him about Moniece's suggestion. Fans too seem very skeptical about the new friendship.

A fan wrote, "Moniece is a WHOLE MESS talking about she gonna go on tour w/ Apryl! She just wanna spy&keep an eye on her 2 see is this B***H REALLY a FOUL H*E 2 have Sex w/ her baby daddy Fizz 4 REAL. Also considering being a Sister wives? LOL! NO. #LHHH". Another fan commented, "Um Moniece apologized to Apryl for how she acted but why didn't Apryl apologize to Moniece 4 getting stepping over into Fizz & Moniece's business??? That's the reason why Moniece started talking out the side of her neck bout Apryl in the 1st place #LHHH".

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