'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood': Lyrica confronts A1 about his cheating and thinks about ending their toxic marriage

Lyrica and A1's marriage is in trouble after news of A1 cheating on her broke out. Lyrica finally confronted her baby-daddy about his infidelity and expressed her desire to call it quits.

                            'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood': Lyrica confronts A1 about his cheating and thinks about ending their toxic marriage

The previous episode of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ saw the news of record producer A1 cheat on his wife Lyrica breaking all over the internet. We are also introduced to his mistress Summer Bunni and see the episode ending in a cliffhanger showing Lyrica and Summer coming face to face at Misster Ray’s party and having a heated exchange of words and expletives. In the third episode that aired on August 19, we find out that A1 hooked up with Summer multiple times when Summer finally decides to be an adult and confess everything to Lyrica.

Summer revealed some more details of her short-lived fling with the record producer. She finally revealed what we have all been dying to know- who made the first move? Summer told Lyrica that A1 made the first move. Lyrica did not say anything to Summer and but handled the situation in a very mature way. This took us all by surprise, as we expected a catfight and a war of words, but Lyrica held herself together and put the blame on A1 for cheating on his wife who just had their child. She also felt that Summer too was to be blamed as she was aware of A1’s married status and still decided to go ahead with her actions.

Lyrica Anderson (Instagram)

What really ticks us off is the amount of disrespect shown by A1 towards her. She is his wife and baby mamma, and he not only cheated on her but also ran away from the situation and doesn’t have the decency or courtesy to own up to it and apologize and talk things over with his wife.

Wanting some more answers, Lyrica travels to A1’s tour and confronted him about the cheating allegations. It is to be noted that this is the first interaction between the couple after the news of his cheating broke out. When she finally gets A1 to sit down and talk to her, she gets straight to the point and asked him whether he hooked up with Summer Bunni or not. After a long awkward silence, he finally admitted that he did, but immediately pointed out that even she cheated on him last year with his close friend, Safaree and expresses that she can’t paint him as the “bad person” when she literally did the same. He then makes things worse by revealing in his confessional that he wanted to keep things about Lyrica’s cheating in the down-low because it doesn’t look good on her or him and as an afterthought adds that Lyrica had a high-risk pregnancy and he didn’t want to stress her out any further.

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For those who don’t know about the couple’s twisted history, let me remind you that he made Lyrica take DNA test during her “high-risk” pregnancy to determine whether the child was his or Safaree’s. By this point, Lyrica completely broke down and expressed that she deserved better and demanded that he treat her better. She told him that she couldn't do this anymore and hinted at the end of their marriage. Later in her confessional, she revealed that she has been with A1 for eight years and couldn't imagine her life without him, and it breaks her heart to imagine that their child would have to grow up in a broken home but decides that it is for the best for them to end things.

Their marriage seems extremely toxic with both the partners cheating on each other. Fans too felt that Lyrica and A1 are at fault. A fan wrote, “A1 and Lyrica both cheated on one another. I don’t believe that bs about her work after her baby was born. They are either selling themselves for a check or are extremely toxic to one another. Either way, they are both shitty #LHHH”. Another fan echoing similar thoughts wrote, “Lyrica and A1 relationship is toxic on both behalves. They both too hardcore with their aggression, and tryna get a one-up on your partner is not cool. Getting even is not equivalent to a resolve. Two wrongs don't make a right. Either leave or make changes.  #LHHH”.
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